First Image Of Ben Affleck In His Batsuit Revealed Along With The New Batmobile From 'Batman Vs. Superman'

May 12th might've seemed like another ordinary day on the calendar to most superhero fans, that was until it was altered into a day to remember when director Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) revealed a sneak peak of new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman (Which still remains an untitled film by the way) that is soon to come. Little did we know that May 13th would be the day Snyder decided to unveil the latest addition to the Batman legacy. Now we finally have our first look at Ben Affleck himself suited up in the caped crusader's full attire, along with his sick new ride. Being that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films took a more militant approach to the famous batsuit, it is interesting to see Zack Snyder's decision of going with a combative version of Batman that is certainly in the same vein as the director's past costumes designs.

There's been several rumors circulating about what inspiration Snyder would be drawing from the comics for this new suit, with Batman Noel, New 52, the Arkham game series, Jim Lee's Batman, and more being sighted as some major influences. From the white eyes all the way to a Adam West blue cowl. As seen in the photo we do see a costume that resembles each of these films, with a shorter horned cowl, thicker Kevlar type abdomen, and did I mention that this Batman is ripped. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering set photos prior to the release of this image showed a Ben Affleck packing on some serious muscle mass, similar to how Henry Cavill bulked up for his Superman role prior to the Man of Steel.
The reactions from fans are mixed, with some people who see the suit as a perfect fit for the upcoming film, and others who feel that the short horned cowl was the wrong way to go in terms of dealing with the character in this Man of Steel universe. Being that the photo was shot in monochrome, it is still up to interpretation as to what the full color palette that will be used in this situation. Early speculation indicated that Affleck would be donning to suits in this film, one of which was a more classic looking costume with a grey and blue scheme, which could be the suit above. The other suit rumored suit is apparently a much more armored one akin to that of the Arkham game series, which will provide much more protection for Batman in his battle against Superman. It's not likely that the second armored suit is the one above, but we may expect to get a glimpse of that suit much further down the line.
Along with the reveal of Affleck's new batsuit, Snyder also fully revealed the new Batmobile he had teased yesterday. Nolan used variations of several Batman vehicles from the comics, including the Tumbler as the Batmobile in Batman Begins, the "Batbike" in The Dark Knight, and most recently the "Batwing" in The Dark Knight Rises. As seen by the photo that Snyder posted on Twitter yesterday, we seem to be getting a smaller, yet more inspired version of the signature vehicle. Drawing traits from its predecessors, the new Batmobile mixes prototype, combative, militant, as well as mysterious and easily accessible vehicle. 
So what do you think of the new Batman suit and Batmobile? Do they live up to your expectations, or would you have preferred it if they'd gone a different route with the designs? Let us know below!