Second And International Trailers For 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Michael Bay Written All Over Them

This year will be bringing us a wide array of exciting fresh films, but it'll also be giving us the birth of the newest installment into Hasbro's Transformers film franchise directed by Michael Bay. With it's release date slowly approaching, we now have the second trailer for the film along with a new international version, which basically show us no footage and a mere wisp of the story to come. So far from the trailers we see a lot of scenes that feel - familiar - but how is this possible with a brand new trailer being released? Well it is simple, we are getting reissued the same film just with a few new spices.

Below is the official second trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction:
And you can check out the new international trailer for the film here on Screen Rant. First off the second trailer starts in a frozen tundra, similar to the one we saw in the first Transformers trailer where Shia LaBeouf character's grandfather found Megatron. But if you think this is just a coincidence, well Galvatron seems to be located here too. For those who aren't familiar with the Galvatron character, he's essentially a resurrected and updated version of Megatron who was granted new abilities by Unicron.  Yes, it seems that Michael Bay has managed to rehash ideas once again. While it seems Lockdown will be the main villain of this film, don't be surprised if Galvatron ends up at least getting an introduction this time around for the fifth film.
To go through all the similarities would be a burden, I mean how many times can we see Optimus get shot through the chest, slammed into walls, or do a barrel roll. So far the high point of this film seems to be it's cast such as Mark Wahlberg (Pain and Gain), Stanley Tucci (Hunger Games), Kelsey Grammer (X-Men: The Last Stand), and the new voice work of John Goodman (The Monuments Men) and Ken Wantanabe (Godzilla). Yet the story looks as though it is going to be heavily repetitive, similar to how Power Rangers manages to rehash the same story line for over a decade.
Autobots begin to lose, Decepticons on the rise using evil and stuff, deceptions have more stuff  and in this film that happens to be a giant tractor beam, then Autobots receive the game changing play in the last few moments in order to save the world. In this situation the game changing lay is not a jet pack or Optimus going into a full beast mode type situation, it is literally Optimus going beast mode and riding the back of a Dinobots (Grimlock). Similar to the scene that we saw in the Dark of the Moon trailer, where Optimus flies in and slices a few of the Decepticon baddies, well it seems the same way when he hops off the back of Grimlock and does the exact same thing.