'Terminator: Genesis' Set Photos Show Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor, The T-800, And John Connor All Back In Action

With the recent resurgence of time travel and artificial intelligence in films these past few months, it's safe to say now's as good a time as ever for a new Terminator movie. The upcoming fifth installment of the franchise initially sounded like a more confusing movie than anything else, with most of the original characters being recast by actors who's ages didn't correlate with that of the first films, and a middle aged Arnold Schwarzenegger surprisingly making his return as the T-800 itself. Yet slowly but surely, the vague mist surrounding this film has finally begun to clear up, and with these new set photos, we have a much better idea of what time of narrative we're in for this time around.

Below are the first set photos from Terminator: Genesis featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, and Jason Clarke: 
From what we know so far, Terminator: Genesis seems to be taking a very Back to the Future II-esque approach to it's story line. What I mean by that is the characters of the film will be revisiting previous events from the original films, including some iconic scenes such as the first appearance of Arnold's T-800, and his fight with the T-1000 from Judgment Day (Possibly played in rebooted from by Byung-hun Lee). The primary group of time travelers in this film apparently will be Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese (The parents of John), who as well all know, were alive decades apart from each other. It stills remains unclear just how the two of them met back up in the first place, but considering the fact that this film has been called a semi-reboot, the writers may have taken a few liberties with Connor and Reese's relationship.
The specifics of why the trio will even be traveling through time in the first place has yet to be revealed, although it seems in these set photos that the they won't just be traveling to the past. We know for certain that this version of the T-800 has been around for a lot longer than the previous version we've seen, as Schwarzenegger has confirmed that the robot does in fact age. The set photos show us Reese and Connor not too pleased with their son John as they point their guns at him, which already applys that we'll be seeing scenes with them in the future opposite their adult aged son. We also know that Dayo Okeniyi's Danny Dyson; son of the creator of Skynet, will be featured in this future timeline to some degree, possibly involved with future John Connor.
Currently the doors wide open for Terminator: Genesis to be a hit with audiences, and hopefully bring about a new trilogy as is being planned. As we saw this past month with X-Men: Days of Future Past, teaming up a new cast of young actors (James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, etc.) with the older veteran "mascot" of the franchise (Hugh Jackman's Wolverine), and having them deal with time travel is a recipe for success. Genesis is seemingly following a very similar formula, with fresh faces such as Courtney and the Clarkes taking on iconic roles from the original trilogy, and Arnold now returning as much wiser and more experienced version of the T-800.
So what do you think of the new set photos for Terminator: Genesis? Which key moments from the original trilogy would you like to see revisited in this film? Let us know below!