Much Better Look At Ben Affleck's Cape And Cowl From The Upcoming 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

Despite all the rumored descriptions and supposed "official" photos we've seen of the costume Ben Affleck will be dawning as our new Dark Knight in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we've really only had one legitimate look at the mysterious suit. Well thankfully we now have a much more detailed look at our new caped crusader, or at least his cape and cowl. While it still isn't the the high quality better lit color photo of the suit that we were hoping for, it does give us a much better feel of how different Affleck's Batman will look on screen in comparison to past iterations. 

Below is the new close-up of Ben Affleck as Batman, along with a display of the new cape and cowl spotted at Comic-Con
As I stated above, these new images admittedly aren't much in comparison to the big reveals that hopefully await us during this year's Comic-Con, but hey, at least they're something. As we already know by now, Affleck and Snyder's Batman is going for a much more different look than the most reason Nolan/Bale version. Where as the Nolan suit didn't focused more on being practical as opposed to being a loyal translation of the costume of the comics, Snyder's certainly seems to be taking it's influences from a number of variations of the character (Batman: Noel, Dark Knight Returns, Jim Lee, etc.)
Like Nolan, Snyder's obviously gone for the shorter ears on his cowl, which debunked early speculation that we'd be getting a long eared version reminiscent of the current Arkham video game series. As for the color of the cowl, this is the first time we can really confirm that it will indeed be black. Past rumors suggested the cowl could have a blueish tint to it like early versions of the comic book character, as well as the possibility that the cape and cowl could be dark grey. We still don't know for sure what the colors of the rest of the costume are, but we can only assume they'll be some shade of grey very distinctive of the masks color.
The much darker and slightly depressing mode of the picture above could be hinting us at yet another gritty interpretation of the character (As if we expected anything else from someone nick-named "The Dark Knight"). Snyder and writer David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) have already spoken about how Affleck's Batman is set to be a more veteran and beat down version of the character, so the new image fits well with that apparent theme. There's also no question that Dawn of Justice isn't shying away from a dark approach, with our first look at Superman even having a very brooding a somber tone to it. 
So are you happy with the way Ben Affleck's cape and cowl look for Batman v. Superman? Are you more confident in his casting after seeing this photo? Let us know below!