Warner Bros. Rumored To Have A 'Full House' Reboot In The Works With Most Of The Original Cast Returning

At one point or another, everyone has suffered a sudden burst of nostalgia and wished one of their favorite childhood shows would make a return along with its original cast. While a few years ago this may have seemed like just typical imaginative wishful thinking, Boys Meets World fans already know that this wish now has a much more probable chance of becoming a reality. With Disney Channel recently premiering the highly anticipated Girl Meets World to decent reviews and impressive ratings, many studios have become much more welcome to the idea of bringing back their classic shows for modern audiences. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Warner Bros. is keen on bringing back their own classic sitcom, Full House, which will include characters both new and old. But as is the case with many dated shows, the question still remains as to just how well a new generation of viewers will react to the shows return.

The possibility of the show returning has been brought up as a possibility by fans and cast members in the past, but according to a recent report by TV Guide, now is the closest the series has gotten to becoming a reality. Full House has always seemed like a show that lived on past it's original air dates, mainly through reruns on channels such as Nick@Nite. With a new generation of kids already quite aware of what the name of Uncle Jesse's band is, or who are the two co-hosts of Wake Up San Francisco, a Full House reboot shouldn't have much of a hard time attracting young fans as long as there are some familiar faces around.
Now it's worth taking into consideration that a continuation of the plot of Full House isn't as simple as it was for Girl Meets World, which simply brought back it's leading couple and focuses on their kids. The primary plot of Full House revolved around Danny Tanner having to raise his three daughters along with his best friend Joey Gladstone and his brother in-law Jesse Katsopolis (He later lived in the house with his wife and two kids). While a spin-off series would likely focus on a new generation of Tanners such as the kids of DJ and Steve growing up, the actual purpose of the show being called "Full House" wouldn't make sense in that regard. Unless there was some kind of tragedy that took place to one of the Tanner's spouses leaving them to raise their kids alone (And once again require the help of Danny, Joey, and Jesse) it wouldn't feel like a proper continuation of the classic show.
Just as Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs has been helping with his own sequel series, it's said that Full House creator Jeff Franklin is already penning the pilot. It's believed original star Candance Cameron, Jodie Sweeten, and Andrea Barber (DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy) will be regulars on the show, further emphasizing the theory that show will be focusing on their kids (And possibly all of them living together?). That being said, it's also believed that the series' original main stars; Stamos, Saget, and Coulier, will have some part of the show, likely limited to frequent guest appearances (Similar to Rider Strong's presence in Girl Meets World).
So is this really the right time for a Full House reboot? Do we really need one at all? Are you interested in seeing the gang back together again? Let us know below!