First Trailer For J.J. Arbams' Upcoming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Finally Makes Its Way Online

If you're a Star Wars fan, you've had today marked on your calender since the moment J.J. Abrams announced via Twitter that we'd be getting our first teaser of the franchise's new installment this Black Friday. While some lucky moviegoers were able to see the sneak peek on the big screen a day early in select theaters, it was certainly refreshing to know Abrams and company weren't going to leave the rest of us fans out in the cold. So now it's finally here, and just eighty eight seconds is enough to get any Star Wars fan excited for what the latest film has in store, which includes our first look at some of the new cast members, and the return of the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Below is the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:
While the trailer clocks in at just about a minute and a half, we definitely got a lot more from it than one would expect from a director as secretive as Abrams. We got our first look at three of the films many actors, includes its two probable leads (Daisy Ridley and John Boyega). Rumors that Boyega's character would be a storm trooper are seemingly confirmed by the trailer, which gave us a clear shot of him in the usual get up, as well as a shot of an army of storm troopers with their modernized helmets. This still leaves many questions a float, including whether Boyega will eventually turn to join the jedi and learn the ways of the force, and what the presence of so many storm troopers mean in regards to the status of the Empire.
Ridley's character also fits the descriptions we've heard earlier, which was that of a young salvager living on Tatooine  who at some point will befriend Boyega's character. We also get a good look at Oscar Isaac as a Rebel pilot, which brushes aside the possibility of him playing a villain in the film. But probably the most talked about character related shot will be that of the cloaked figure wielding the red lightsaber with a unusually designed hilt. While it's widely believed that the figure is the film's many villain, it could very well be just a henchmen. Many fans have also questioned which actor could be behind the hood, with the possibility of  it being either Adam Driver or Domhnall Gleeson seemingly the most likely of the bunch.
Finally having some actual footage and an idea of the tone and cinematography Abrams' is aiming for is certainly an upgrade from the many scrabbled rumors that have surrounded the film in the last couple of months. Yet there's still many unanswered questions surrounding the overall story, as well as several characters we have yet to see in action (Specifically the returning cast).  Seeing the Millennium Falcon fly around to John William's iconic score is certainly packing enough in the nostalgia department for now, but hopefully we'll be able to see the old gang back together again once the next trailer rolls around.
So what do you think of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer? Did it win you over, or are you still skeptical about Abrams and Disney continuing the franchise? Let us know below!