The 'Jurassic World' Trailer Makes Its Way Online With Screaming Visitors, Velociraptors, and Chris Pratt In Tow

As if a trailer showing us the Millennium Falcon soaring through the skies dodging a couple of TIE fighters to the sound of John Williams' majestic score wasn't enough to satisfy our nostalgic cravings, this weekend has also brought us the first trailer for Jurassic World. Fans have been skeptical about how a fourth installment to the classic series would play out, and the involvement of relatively unknown director Colin Trevorrow didn't exactly ease their concerns. Luckily the director was able to put together an impressive cast of talented actors for the film, and now we have a glimpse at what they all have in store for the JP series and its fans come next summer.

Below is the first trailer for Jurassic World:
With a trailer for a film of this caliber, there's bound to be a lot we still have yet to see, and many questions that remained unanswered. Namely the shot of Chris Pratt's character riding alongside a pack of velociraptors has been a major topic of discussion, and one could only imagine how many action sequences (Or even characters) weren't given any screen time during the entirety of the trailer. But the most important aspect of the film we have yet to see is its new deadly dinosaur, which is said to be a hybrid of a T-Rex and velociraptor called a "D-Rex" which will be the primary source of the protagonists trouble this time around. While we didn't get a glimpse of it in the trailer, some supposed concept art has leaked online, which gives us a rough idea of what we should expect.
Like with the trailer for The Force Awakens, Trevorrow uses a heavy dose of some of the Jurassic Park series' most iconic trademarks to really sell trailer. Some specific shots pay direct homage to the original film (Such as Bryce Dallas Howard holding the flare), while others are less obvious such as the piano rendition of John Williams' score in the background. None the less Trevorrow makes it very clear with this trailer that we'll be getting a very different take of the Jurassic Park world, particularly one that's much more modern than any we've seen in the past. 
For that exact reason, many fans have been left a bit concerned about the quality of the CGI seen in the trailer. We get many shots of the very impressive design of the park, including its many attractions and scenery, but many of the effects do seem a bit dodgy. The original Jurassic Park films were well known for their extensive use of practical effects and sets, which was part of what really helped sell the idea of these dinosaurs once again roaming the Earth. While it's best to reserve judgement until we see more footage further down the line, one can only hope that this more modern version of Jurassic Park also progresses in the CGI department. 
So what did you think of the trailer for Jurassic World? Do you agree the film's CGI needs some work? Let us know below!