New 'Spider-Man' Rumors Include Possible Involvement Of Russo Brothers, Drew Goddard, And Dylan O'Brien

For some, the fact that we're getting yet another Spider-Man reboot still hasn't quite sunken in. Yet the reality that the days of Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man series are over have hit quick, especially with the constant buzz already surrounding the next set of Marvel Studios' produced Spidey films. We've been hearing all types of rumors, ranging from which actor will portray the titular hero, as well as what director will helm the next solo film, and of course what other Marvel films will the new wallcrawler be showing up in. New reports have suggested that Drew Goddard and the Russo brothers may both be up to direct the upcoming film, as well as giving away new details about the solo film, and Dylan O'Brien has finally come out and spoken about the possibility of him playing Spidey himself.

First up are several new details and rumors that hit the web courtesy of Latino-Review's own Kellvin Chavez. The report suggests that director Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) is Sony's choice to both write and direct the upcoming 2017 Spider-Man solo film. This doesn't come as much of a surprise considering Goddard's recent involvement with Marvel, having been the original show runner for the upcoming Daredevil TV show before dropping out, and going on to be Sony's choice for the seemingly canceled Sinister Six film. That being said, other sites including THR and The Wrap have followed up and the story, and claim that the job isn't Goddard's yet, and that he's is really just the frontrunner at the moment and has yet to meet with the studio.
This would make sense, especially considering the recent news that Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have inked a deal to work for Sony. This is of course especially interesting with the Russo's currently working on the film that will introduce the new Spider-Man (Civil War), and the duo is thought to be the favorites to direct Infinty Wars Parts 1 and 2 for Marvel. The Sony leaked emails revealed the companies desire to get the Russos involved with many of their developing franchises, specifically Spider-Man, so it seems highly likely that the two will be involved with the upcoming series to some degree. Although its unknown whether they are up to direct the film (Especially if these rumors of Goddard's involvement are true) it seems more likely that they'll actually be serving as producers for the solo film. 
Latino-Review's scoop as revealed that the studio is looking to name the upcoming film Spectacular Spider-Man, and it may in fact still feature the Sinister Six team of super villains. They also reveal that the first film will see Spider-Man fighting Iron Man in order to pass the test to join The Avengers. They also suggest Sony wants to go with an unknown actual high school age Peter Parker, and are hoping to have the actor group up along with the character over the span of multiple trilogies in the same way the Harry Potter series did it. This seemingly would debunk the rumors that have been circulating on Reddit that actor Dylan O'Brien (The Maze Runner) has already been cast in the role of Spider-Man. The actor himself has come out and debunked the rumors that he has spoken to the studio about the role, but has expressed his interest if the opportunity were to arise.
So how do you feel about Sony's rumored plans for the upcoming reboot? Would you prefer to see Drew Goddard, the Russo brothers, or another director tackle the project? Are you still hoping Dylan O'Brien may play the role? Let us know below!