Fan-Cast: Samurai Jack

If you grew up in the early 2000s, chances are the name Samurai Jack will ring a bell to you, as it was one of the most popular and advanced cartoons of its time. But like many cartoons, the show didn't get to complete the narrative it wanted to tell, and that has led to a lot of speculation about the show either returning or getting a feature length film in theaters. Given how amazing the story told in the show is, I personally think it'd be great to see it adapted into live action. So below I've put together some of my own suggestions for a big screen adaption of the Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack.

Joe Taslim (Raid Redemption) as Samurai Jack
The Raid Redemption film,showcased a number of actors that can handle a series of physically demanding and coordinated moves. Joe Taslim would be perfect to handle the physical roles of Jack, and with a battle between him and Aku, Taslim would definitely be able to portray a  huge battle between Jack and Aku.

George Takei as Aku
George Takei could give us the slightly menacing and comical Aku in a live action Samurai  Jack  film. Aku isn't necessarily sinister, but more of a powerful figure in which acknowledges the fact that he has power and feels as though no one has the potential to beat him....except Jack.

Christoph Waltz (Django: Unchained) as The Scotsman
First coming in contact with Jack on the Bridge the Scotsman is a comical figure that could be considered a bad mother shut your mouth. Christoph waltz could portray the Scotsman perfectly. A runner up for the role suggested by Mr. Doughnut (a fancast genius) is Gerard Butler, yet his comedic aspect seems to lack in some areas and he isn't the A-list actor you want portraying a figure in your film all the time.

Will Yun Lee (The Wolverine) as Shinobi Shadow Warrior
Only reason why he wasn't chosen as Jack was because the story almost demands for a younger more believable Jack.. Only thing that Joes Taslim really has on Will Yun Lee is the age factor, but  Lee is still a great figure to have within the movie.

Mark Luu,  Lance Luu, Charles Luu (Pacific Rim) as the Three Blind Archers
Another artistic piece from the Samurai Jack run is the three blind archers. Being that they are a play on with the three blind mice. Each one lacks vision, but there acute sense of hearing can pin point any form of movement. Being that it is rare to find triplet acotrs Mark, Lance, and Charles are perfect for the roles .

Directed by Gareth Evans (The Raid Redemption)
Gareth Evans is by far one of my favorite directors. Not only is he young but he can let his action sequences do the talking for him. Being that Samurai Jack is a artistic form and aims primarily to give you that dose of action that you rarely see on the big screen, Gareth Evans is probably the top choice to take on this film

Cinematography by Larry Fong (Watchmen) 
300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, I mean he is a amazing visual aspect of the film world. Taking on the Batman Vs. Superman project can be a way to show you how big he is starting to become in the industry. He would be perfect as a director of photography.

 Music by Pharrell Williams (Despicable Me) and Daft Punk (Tron: Legacy)
Samurai Jack depends heavily on a variety of music ranging from traditional Japanese all the way to upbeat techno. Daft Punk is legendary in the music world and they literally transformed the perception of Tron: Legacy with the soundtrack. This musical combination for Samurai Jack could be the next best thing since peanut butter and Jelly.

So how do you feel about this Samurai Jack fancast? Do you feel like someone should be added to the cast that hasn't already been mentioned? Leave your Comments Below!