Two 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailers Drop With Footage Of Iron Man, Vulture, and Shocker

Ever since Comic-Con, fans have been patiently awaiting some kind of Spider-Man: Homecoming footage, and now we finally got it. Not only did we get the trailer that aired earlier on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but we also got an international trailer which featured some new footage. Theres plenty to be excited about from this trailer, including Tom Holland's witty remarks while under the mask, his interactions with his friends and Tony Stark, and of course our first look at Michael Keaton's Vulture in full costume and in action. Not only that, but we also get some footage of another famed Spider-Man villain; Shocker. 

Below is the trailer that debuted on Jimmy Kimmel:
And here is the international trailer that was also released by Marvel:
We definitely get the coming of age John Hughes movie type vibe that Marvel and director Jon Watts have been teasing for the movie. There's a lot of footage of Peter and Jacob Batalon's character Ned hanging out, as well as Zendaya's Michelle and Laura Harrier's Liz Allen. Allen will apparently be Peter's love interest in this movie, although it seems more like a crush. Although we see a lot of Peter's high school, we surprisingly don't see any of Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson anywhere here.
While we knew Robert Downey Jr. would be making an appearance as Tony Stark given the relationship the two characters formed in Civil War, we didn't know just how important he would be. Judging by the trailer, it seems Tony will basically serve as Peter's "cool rich uncle" type figure, and will also be suiting up with him and some point in the movie. Hopefully we will get to see Peter fight his own battles against Vulture and co. without any help from Iron Man. 
Of course a huge part of this trailer was finally getting to see footage of the enemy Spidey will be facing, Michael Keaton's Vulture. The design for Vulture himself looks great by paying tribute to the comics without looking ridiculous, and instead going for a modern tech based look. It seems Vulture may have an arm of enemies working with him, with Bookem Woodbine's Shocker being one of them as seen in the second trailer.
So what did you think of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers? What parts were your favorite? Are you more excited for the movie now? Let us know below!

First 'Spider-Man: Homecoming 'Footage Released; Trailer Will Premiere On Jimmy Kimmel Tomorrow

Ever since this year's Comic Con, we've known that some type of Spider-Man: Homecoming footage existed. While those of us that were in attendance were hoping for some kind of leak, we ultimately never got it. Instead we were forced to settle for a couple of pieces of concept art, and a lot of set photos. Yet in the last couple of weeks we've heard several rumors about a teaser trailer debuting, and it was first thought it would play after Monday's episode of Agents of SHIELD. But Marvel has ended all that speculation, by releasing a tease online that the first trailer will be premiering tomorrow night during Jimmy Kimmel.

Below you can see the trailer tease for Spider-Man: Homecoming:
Its sort of become tradition now for Marvel to release the first trailer for one of their upcoming movies on Jimmy Kimmel, which they did for both Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. The show has become a great platform to get regular audiences excited about their upcoming films that they probably didn't know about, as one the case with Guardians. Homecoming has the added benefit of featuring Tom Holland's Spider-Man as the lead, who audiences were already introduced to in Civil War.
As for the teaser itself, it falls in line with the rumored description we've been hearing. We get POV footage of Peter Parker in his Spider-Man costume, talking to Tony Stark's body guard Happy Hogan. While we knew Jon Favreau would be making an appearance in the movie, we didn't know how big of a role it would be. We now know that its more of a cameo appearance in which he'll be giving Peter a new upgraded suit designed by Tony Stark. Stark himself will of course be in the movie, so it seems odd he wouldn't give Peter the suit himself.
But of course whats most notable about this suit and the footage itself in the inclusion of Spider-Man's classic underarm webbing. This is an inclusion that was featured in several Spider-Man comics including the first Steve Ditko ones, but we have had yet to see translated on film. Like we see in the footage, the webbing will help him glide and makes him much more aerodynamic. We will most likely be getting even more footage of it once the full trailer drops tomorrow night.
So what did you think of the Spider-Man: Homecoming footage? Will you be tuning in to see the trailer tomorrow night? Let us know below!

Disney Announces 'Incredibles 2' And 'Toy Story 4' New Release Dates In 2018 And 2019

Chances are if you were a kid in the late 90s or throughout the 2000s, you practically grew up on Disney-Pixar movies. Between both Toy Story movies, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and many more, Pixar movies hold a special place in our generations hearts. Fortunately for us, the studio is well aware of this and is looking to capitalize on all the nostalgia their fans have for their movies. While we may have gotten good closure with Toy Story 3, several fans have still been longing to see yet another sequel featuring Woody and Buzz. The Incredibles on the other hand still hasn't gotten its long awaited sequel, and fans have been very vocal over their desire to finally see it in theaters. Well now they won't have to wait much longer.

According to Variety, Disney has decided to change up the release dates for both Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2. The latter was originally set for a release on June 21, 2019, but has since been moved up to June 15, 2018. And Toy Story 4 on the other hand has switched spots with it and has been pushed back to June 21, 2019. The exact reason for the change is unknown, but now that both movies have moved into production it probably became clear that one was much further down in development than the other.
Brad Bird is set to return to direct The Incredibles 2, but its still unknown what the plot will be. We can assume we'll now be seeing much older versions of Violet, Jack Jack, and Dash. In a time where superhero movies are a huge craze, the demand for a sequel to The Incredibles has been higher than ever. As for Toy Story 4, we can expect both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to return as Woody and Buzz with John Lasseter at the helm. The duo will reportedly be on the hunt to find Woody's love interest Bo Peep in this film, now that they've moved on from their original owner Andy. 
So are you happy with these release date changes? Which of the movies are you more excited to see? Let us know below!

'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller Leaves Sequel Over Creative Differences With Ryan Reynolds

Like with any line of work, there are several people involved with the making of a movie, and some times those people just can't get along. Its becoming more and more common for directors and studios to have a falling out over creative difference, which is something we've seen happen at Marvel with Edgar Wright and Ant-Man. But it isn't everyday a director leaves a sequel to a very successful project that has him to credit for even being made, and over a falling out with the lead actor. That was apparently the case between Deadpool director Tim Miller and actor Ryan Reynolds, as its been announced that the former has officially left the project.

The confirmed news from Deadline is certainly a huge shock for fans, as there hadn't even been the slightest rumor of any problems between Miller and Reynolds until this point. Following the success of the first film, Fox has been fast tracking Deadpool 2 for a 2018 release date with Miller having been set to return to the director's chair. Its very unfortunate news considering Miller was the one who refused to give up on the Deadpool project even when Fox didn't want to take a risk on it, and it eventually ended up paying off. Reynolds on the other hand also played a huge role in getting the movie made, and his love for the character and finally getting to play a comic book accurate version of him has been well documented.
Miller hadn't officially signed on to direct the sequel yet, but he had been working on the script before his departure. While there hasn't been any official word from either Miller or Reynolds for why he left the project, a new rumor going around is that it was all over the casting of Cable. As you'll remember from the end of the first movie, Cable was teased for the sequel as he's popular companion to Deadpool in the comics. Miller supposedly wanted to cast Kyle Chandler (Super 8) in the role, but Reynolds didn't feel he was the right choice and wanted to go in a different direction.
Despite how important Tim Miller was to the Deadpool films, the studio still most likely wants to meet their planned release date and will be on the hunt for a replacement. No names have been thrown around yet, but two I can think of off the top of my head or Matthew Vaughn and Ruben Fleischer. Vaughn is known for his work on violent R-rated comic adaptions like Kick-Ass and Kingsman which have a similar style to Deadpool, and has already worked on X-Men: First Class for Fox. Fleischer on the other hand directed Zombieland, which was written by the same writers as Deadpool; Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.
So who do you think should direct Deadpool 2? Do you think Kyle Chandler would make a good Cable? Are you still excited for the movie? Let us know below!

Phil Lord And Chris Miller's 'Han Solo' Spin-Off Film Casts Donald Glover As A Young Lando Calrissian

Just like at this time last year all we were hearing about was The Force Awakens, these next couple of months are going to see a lot of marketing for Disney's Rogue One which hits in December. But aside from an announcement about who would be playing the lead role of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), we haven't heard much more about the upcoming spin-off movie. The film is expected to hit theater in May of 2018, and will be helmed by 21 Jump Street directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Now we also know who will be playing another key role in the film, and its a very familiar name. Donald Glover (The Martian) has been officially cast as the young version of Billy Dee William's Lando Calrissian, the close friend of Solo who you'll remember from Empire Strikes Back.

The news was announced by the Starwars website themselves, who confirmed that the young actor will be playing the iconic role. Glover had already been rumored to play Calrissian for sometime, but the studio was looking at a shortlist of actors just like they did for young Han. Glover who is known for his acting work as well as his rap career as Childish Gambino has recently had a lot of success from his new FX show Atlanta. Glover was supposedly the first choice for the role, and it seems Lord and Miller got what they wanted. In the press release the directors described how excited they are to work with Glover: “We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as Donald join us.”
Its unknown how important Lando will be to the film, but considering his close friendship to Han and how big of a star Glover is, we can probably expect him to have a lot of screen time. Fans will remember that Lando actually lost the Millennium Falcon to Han, so this film will probably finally show us how that happened. Lando will also just be a scoundrel in the galaxy at this point in his life, before his time as an administrator on Cloud City. The friendship between Han and Lando is something that has been loved by fans since the original films came out, so it'll be nice to see the character finally back on the big screen.
So what do you think of Glover playing Lando? Would you have liked to see someone else in the role? Let us know below!

Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther' Casts "Ready Player One' Actress Letitia Wright As Serita

Like Spider-Man, Black Panther made a huge impression on audiences when Civil War hit theaters earlier this year. But unfortunately for fans, the movie was pushed back to 2018 to make space for the new Spidey solo film hitting next July. Thankfully though, Marvel is certainly making the film worth the wait after bringing Creed director Ryan Coogler on board to helm the project. With Chadwick Boseman (42) returning to the lead role, the film has already put together an astonishing cast which includes the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, and Forrest Whitaker. Coogler has put together a good mix of big proven names and up and comers, with new addition Letitia Wright falling into the later category.

According to Variety, Wright will be joining the film as a new character named "Serita". Wright is best known for her work on several British TV shows including Cucumber, Chasing Shadows, and Doctor Who. She is also expected to breakout as one of the lead is Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One alongside Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan, which hits in early 2018. While details about her character are unknown, fans have began to speculate that she could be a member of Black Panther's female body guards the Dora Milaje.
If this turns out to be the case, Wright will be joining three other actresses cast as the Dora Milajea members including Florence Kasumba from Civil War as Ayo, Lupita Nyong'o (21 Years a Slave) as Nakia, and Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead) as Okoye. There's also been speculation that the character Serita may be a cover for a character even bigger to the Black Panther mythos. The character in question is T'Challa's younger sister Shuri, who in the comics takes up the mantle of Black Panther at a point.
Like I stated above, the cast for this film has been very impressive so far. We don't know much about the plot other than that it will directly follow the events of Civil War following the death of T'Challa's father. We know that Michael B. Jordan will be playing the film's villain Erik Killmonger, and Winston Duke (Person of Interest) is going to play Man-Ape/M'Baku. Its unknown whether Andy Serkis or Sebastian Stan will make appearances as has been rumored given their involvement with Wakanda. Killmonger is expected to be the sole villain of the movie, but that could change of M'Baku ends up suiting up as Man-Ape as well.
So what do you think of the Black Panther cast so far? Who do you think Wright is playing? Let us know below!

Final Trailer And Poster For Alien Thriller 'Arrival' Starring Amy Adams And Jeremy Renner Hits

Right now we're in the awkward transition period between blockbuster season and Oscar season, and so far only a few movies have managed to make an impression. With Birth of a Nation so far the only film looking like a real contender so far, and The Accountant having not lived up to expectations, there has been a lot of curiosity over what will be this year's Oscar movies. One film to look out for is Denis Villenueve's Arrival, which is set to hit in late November. The film could be this year's The Martian, and walk the line between sci-fi adventure and Oscar worthy drama. With such a strong cast on board including leads Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, theres a lot of pressure for Arrival to live up to the hype.

Below is the last trailer for Arrival:
While the aliens arriving to Earth story has been told time and time again by Hollywood, we normally see things like huge space ships blowing things up from movies such as Independence Day. Arrival on the other hand seems to be promising us a much smarter and dramatic movie about a woman's ability to communicate with aliens, and its something that will be especially interesting to see from a director like Villenueve. He's fresh of the success of several movies including Prisoners and Sicario, and already has Blade Runner 2049 in the works for next year. The director still hasn't gotten the awards his fans feel he deserves, but Arrival may be the film that finally changes that.
Reviews for the film have already been very strong after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. While both Whitaker and Renner's roles are described as smaller, Adams apparently get the bulk of the screen time and does an amazing job with it. If these reviews are anything to go by, this could end up being Adams chance at a Best Actress nomination and possible win. Adams is playing Dr. Louise Banks who is a linguist tasked with finding out whether the arriving aliens are a threat or help for mankind. A new poster for the film has also been released which you can see below:
So what did you think of the Arrival trailer? Do you think it could be an Oscar contender this year? Let us know below!

Tom Holland Talks Spider-Man's Involvement In 'Infinity Wars' and 'Homecoming'' Sequel

In just a year Tom Holland has gone from that little kid with the mole who stole Andrew Garfield's job, to everyones favorite Spider-Man. Following the actors breakout performance in this years Captain America: Civil War, almost every fan has been on board with the young actor in the iconic role of Peter Parker. With his solo movie coming out next year, fans have been curious about the character's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering the deal pulled of between Sony and Marvel Studios to get the rights for the character, there's apparently still more negotiating that has to be done. 

Following comments Holland made in an interview with Variety about his involvement in Infinity Wars, fans have been left worried that he might not be making an appearance in the film at all. When asked about Infinity Wars, the actor stated: “It’s all up in the air. I believe some sort of deal is in the mix, but I’m unclear as to what that deal is.” While its easy to get worried that Marvel and Sony still may not have come to a deal for Spidey to appear in the biggest MCU film yet, its more probable that the actor is just trying to keep things hush at the request of the studio.
While his appearance may not be confirmed, its seems very likely the character will be involved in some capacity. Considering the Russo brother's admiration for the character, and how well received he was in Civil War, it would take a lot to keep the wall crawler out of Infinity Wars. Theres alway the possibility though that somehow this part of the deal still hasn't been worked out, but it seems unlikely considering Marvel's knack for always planning out their future movies and story lines for their characters.
Tom Holland also opened up to WWD about the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel that is already in the works, which seems quick since the movie is still a year away. When asked about Homecoming 2, the actor explained: “My next project, I can’t tell you about, but we’ve just finished ‘Spider-Man’ and we’re talking about the second one and who the villain is going to be and where we’re going.” While a sequel hasn't officially been announced yet, Marvel must have enough faith in the success of Homecoming to already start moving ahead with it. Its anyones guess who the villains they're considering can be, as the Spider-Man rogues gallery has several to chose from.
So would you be okay with Spider-Man now showing up in Infinity Wars? Who would you like to see as the villain in Homecoming 2? Let us know below!

Colin Firth Joins The Growing Cast Of Disney's 'Mary Poppins Returns' Starring Emily Blunt

Mary Poppins is considered one of Disney's first classic live action films, with the role having been made iconic by Julie Andrews. But we've learned in a world where sequels are inevetable, nothing is off limits. We live in a world where there has been a Star Wars: Episode VII, and a Jurassic World, so the fact that Mary Poppins is getting a sequel shouldn't surprise anyone. For what its worth, the film has already done a great job putting together a talented cast which includes Emily Blunt as the lead, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, and Ben Whishaw. Yet just when we though the cast couldn't get any more talented, Colin Firth has also come on board for the sequel. 

According to Variety the Oscar winner will be playing a character named William Weatherall Wilkins, who will be the president of Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. The bank was featured in the first Mary Poppins film and was even the subject of a song in the movie, but the character himself is new. Its unknown how Firth's character will play into the plot of the movie, but considering the film takes place in Depression-era London a bank owner probably isn't going to be the most likable character. I think there's a high chance Wilkins ends up being the film's villain, but thats just a guess
at this point.
As I stated above, Firth is joing an already very impressive cast which includes the likes of Emily Blunt (Sicario) taking over as the new Mary Poppins. Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda will play a lamplighter friend of hers named Jack he seems to be similar to Dick Van Dyke's Bert from the original film. Meryl Streep will be playing Poppins' cousin, and Ben Wishaw (Skyfall) and Emily Mortimer (Hugo) as the adult versions of Michael and Jane Banks he need Poppins help 25 years after the first movie.
So are you excited to see Mary Poppins Return? Would do you think of the cast so far? Let us know below!

'Logan' Trailer Gives Us The Mad Max Meets Wolverine Movie We've Been Waiting For

For X-Men fans and movie goers alike, its hard to imagine anyone but Hugh Jackman wielding Wolverine's iconic claws. But that will soon be a reality we'll all have to accept, as after two decades of playing the character Jackman will officially be making his last appearance as Wolverine. There has been speculation about the movies plot, character, and villains from the moment it was announced, but now we have a trailer to answer many of the questions. While there had been rumors that the movie would follow the famed Old Man Logan storyline fans have been waiting to see adapted, and this trailer suggests we may be getting a bit of that.

Below is the first trailer for Fox's Logan:
Right off the bat, the tone of this movie definitely seems darker than any past movies in the X-Men universe. The film is the R-rated Wolverine movie fans have been longing for, and judging by the violence in the trailer director James Mangold isn't going back on that promise. The trailer has already drawn comparison to the game The Last of Us, which also featured a grizzled lead character protecting a young girl in a post apocalyptic world. Wolverine will be protecting a young girl with powers like his own, who we expect to be his clone X-23. 
We get a lot of footage that is reminiscent of a Mad Max film, and we now know that Professor X will be pivotal to the story and tagging along for the majority of the adventure. Like in the Old Man Logan storyline, his healing abilities have begun to diminish and his age in starting to catch up to him. We also get several shots of the film's villains the Reavers and their leader Donald Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook (Narcos). Stephen Merchant's Caliban is surprisingly absent from the trailer, so its unknown how he will factor into the plot at this point. 
So what did you think of the Logan trailer? Do you like the tone they're going for? Let us know below!

'Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2' Teaser Poster And Trailer Give Us A Taste Of Their Next Adventure

Arguably one of Marvel's most surprisingly successful films, Guardians of the Galaxy even managed to catch comic book fans off guard with its charm. Fans have been anxiously waiting for their next opportunity to see Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon all on screen together again, and they won't have to wait too long. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is set to hit next May, and director James Gunn has already promised a much bigger film with higher stakes. A number of new characters will also be introduced including Mantis, and Peter Quill's father Ego played by Kurt Russell. Now we have a better idea of what to expect thanks to a teaser trailer that was just released by Marvel.

Below is the teaser poster released by James Gunn:
And below is the first teaser trailer:
Unlike this week's other trailers for Logan and Assassin's Creed, a Guardians 2 trailer wasn't exactly on the radar. James Gunn's release of the stylish teaser poster was already a big surprise from fans earlier this morning, but now we also have quite a bit of footage from the film. The trailer doesn't reveal much aside from some new looks for returning characters, and some of the new settings the characters will be heading to. We also get a great exchange between Drax and Star Lord that promises the same humor that made the first film so fun. 
We don't get anything to revealing of course, including a lack of footage of any of the new characters. The forrest planet that the team is seen likely belongs to Ego the Living Planet, who will be played by Russell. Its still unknown how that will work, and whether Russell is going to be playing a literal planet or a human form of it. We also only see the core group along with new member Yondu, but no signs of Mantis or even Baby Groot. Baby Groot will of course be back though as we can see in the poster, and considering how popular he was among fans in the first movie.
So what do you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 poster and trailer? Are you excited for the movie? Let us know below!

'Stranger Things' Brings Back Two Familiar Faces And Adds Dacre Montgomery And Sadie Sink

This past summer, a little known show called Stranger Things made its debut on Netflix. No one knew much about it, including its cast of unknown young actors, its mysterious sci-fi plot, and its 1980s setting. But it didn't take long for the nostaglia and genius of Stranger Things to wow everyone around the world with a Netflix account, including several celebrities and just about all of Hollywood. The kids who starred on the show have since blown up on social media, and have made appearance on shows like Jimmy Fallon, and even the Emmys. With so much success, the series was bound to get a second season, and now we finally know two new faces that'll be coming to Hawkins, Indiana. 

Well to start things off, we know that the majority of the original cast will be returning, specifically the kids Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin. The main mystery is whether Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven will be returning, but that will likely remain under wraps until the show returns. We can also awesome we'll be seeing Will's mom, Harper, Jonathan, and Nancy return for the next set of adventures. We now have confirmation that Joe Keery will return as bully turned fan favorite Steve Harrington, and Noah Schnapp will return in a much larger capacity as Will Byers.
As far as the new cast goes, both Montgomery and Sink will be playing two new characters who cross paths with original gang, and are brother and sister. Sink's character is named Max and is described as "a tough and confident girl whose appearance, behavior and pursuits seem more typical of boys than of girls in this era. She has a complicated history and is generally suspicious of those around her." Montgomery on the other hand, who we'll see next year as Jason in Power Ranger is playing her older brother Billy who is "Max’s hyper-confident and edgy older step-brother. He steals girlfriends away from their boyfriends, is great at drinking games and drives a black Camaro. But lurking under his apparent charisma, is a violent and unpredictable nature."
Sink's character will most likely be interacting with the main group of kids, where as Billy will probably cross paths with Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan. We still don't know how these two will factor into the plot, but we do know they'll be important. There's still one more new character who has yet to be cast according to The Hollywood Reporter, and that's Roman who is "a male or a female of any ethnicity between the ages of 30 and 38. After growing up homeless with a drug-addicted mother, he or she suffered a great loss at an early age and has been seeking revenge ever since. Roman is ultimately an outsider who doesn’t understand how to connect with people." We'll most likely find out who's playing Roman in the coming weeks before season 2 starts shooting this month. 
So are you excited for season two of Stranger Things? Who would you like to see join the cast? Let us know below!

Disney Set To Remake 'The Lion King' In Live Action With Jon Favreau At The Helm

Alright so upon reading the title of this article you're probably pretty confused. How can they make a live action version of Lion King when every character in it is an animal? And why would Disney even remake a classic like the Lion King? To be honest with you, I actually have no idea about that second question. But in regards to the first question, following the success of this year's Jungle Book live action remake, the studio has apparently decided to use that same CGI style and same director (Iron Man's Jon Favreau) to readapt one of their most famous animated movies. Now whether we need this movie to be made or not is up for debate, but it seems Disney wasn't as hesitant as most fans are.

Disney came out to announce the project along with Favreau's name being attached to direct it. The studio also announced that thanks to the financial success and critical acclaim of Jungle Book, they will be developing a sequel to that film with Favreau also directing. It seems Disney has grown very fond of Jon Favreau, and he's found a niche directing their live action adaptions. The visual effects used to create the realistic animal in Jungle Book has also been a huge success, which is what encouraged the studio to retell the Lion King story with that same technology.
Unlike Jungle Book, the original Lion King is one of the most recent films on Disney's list of animated classics. Several of the actors who voiced characters in that film are still working today, and would most likely be willing to return if given the opportunity. While fans would love to see James Earl Jones return as Mufasa, Nathan Lane back as Timon, or Jeremy Irons as Scar, its likely Favreau will look for new names to take on the iconic roles considering this is a reimagining of the story. While the voices may not be the same, Disney has confirmed that the songs from the original film created by Elton John will be featured in the new movie. 
Disney has recently found a lot of success with their live action remakes, including this years Cinderella and Pete's Dragon which like Jungle Book were well received by fans and critics. The studio also already has their remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson set to hit theaters early next year, which is sure to be a hit with such a big name attached to the lead. It seems the studio has really found their way with their live action remakes, it they'll most likely continue to do it as long as they're successful. With Lion King in the works, now its just a question of which film is getting its live action remake next?
So are you happy Disney is making a live action remake of Lion King? Would you like to see the original cast return? If not, who would you cast as the new voice for this iconic roles? Let us know below!

Doug Liman Drops Out Of 'Gambit' To Direct The Revived 'Justice League Dark' For DC

Amongst all the talk of upcoming DC movies like Justice League, The Flash, and The Batman, many have already forgotten about the Justice League Dark movie. The projects has been in the pipe line for quite awhile, and unfortunately wasn't given much attention due to the studios sudden interest in rushing Suicide Squad to the big screen. Following Guillermo del Toro's (Pacific Rim) departure from the film it seemed as if Justice League Dark would never see the light of day, but surprisingly its been announced that it has once again gained traction with Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) now set to direct the project. 

Variety reports that DC and Warner Bros. have no brought Liman on board to direct the project for a still unidentified release date. Liman had previously been attached to direct the Gambit film being worked on at Fox starring Channing Tatum, but he has now left that project in favor of Justice League Dark. Gambit has been struggling and lost its original director Rupert Wyatt and nearly lost Tatum, and it now now longer has a 2017 release date. 
While one comic book movie is certainly taking a huge hit because of this news, another one is now in a much better position then it was in a few months ago. Del Toro's script will apparently still serve as a base for the movie, yet he couldn't direct himself due to his crowded schedule of projects. Del Toro has a strong history with fantasy and horror movies, even having adapted the popular Hellboy series in the past. DC and WB have seemingly prioritized Justice League Dark now, more than likely following the success of Suicide Squad with audiences (Not with critics). 
Much like Suicide Squad, this project is a risk for the studio as it branches away from their more well known characters. The company will be releasing an animated movie based on the team in a few months which is probably meant to familiarize audiences with characters such as John Constantine, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon. DC's introduction of magic and fantasy in their cinematic universe didn't go as smooth as one would've hoped with Enchantress in Suicide Squad, so we can only hope the studio figures out how to handle these characters. We'll likely be hearing some casting news soon and we can probably expect some big names, particularly the often rumored Colin Farrell in the lead of John Constantine. 
So are you excited for Justice League Dark? Are you happy to see DC branching out to different projects? How would you like to see cast in the movie? Let us know below!