New 'Doctor Strange' Set Photos Give Us A Better Look At Benedict Cumberbatch As The Sorcerer Supreme

Within the chaos of all of the superhero movies coming our way in 2016, Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange movie has been staying very quite on the marketing front. While fans of the character and of star Benedict Cumberbatch are very excited to see him come to the big screen, the film has been staying relatively under the radar so far. There still hasn't been a trailer or any footage shown, but thanks to some new set photos we now have a better idea of what Cumberbatch will look like in full costume as the Sorcerer Supreme. 

These set photos may not give us much to go by plot wise, but they do give us a better idea of the look director Scott Derrickson (Sinister) is going for with the character. The design seems almost identical to that of the comics, right down to the red cape and collar, and gives off an ancient vibe. Cumberbatch himself also seems to definitely look the park, rocking the grey temples in his hair and the goatee the character is famous for. Below are the set photos:
Apparently this scene also includes two of the movie's most important supporting characters which are Baron Mordo played by Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave), and Wong play by Benedict Wong (The Martian). The scene also apparently takes place in New York City, which may of may not be the main setting of the film. We still have yet to find out who the film's villain is (Possibly Mordo?), or see set photos Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One or Rachel McAdam's as Strange's love interest. It should be a matter of weeks before pictures of them surface online as well. 
So what do you think of Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange? Are you excited for the movie? Let us know below!