Tye Sheridan Joins The Cast of Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' In The Lead Role Of Wade Watts

Tye Sheridan has become a young actor to look out for in recent years, with films such as Mud and Joe to his credit. The actor has proven himself capable of holding his own opposite big name actors such as Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage, and has recently landed his first big market role as Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse. Now Sheridan has landed yet another huge part as the lead character of Wade Watts in Steven Spielberg's adaption of the sci-fi novel Ready Player One.

Since its release back in 2011, the Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One has garnered a lot of interest from Hollywood. Several directors attached to the project at some point, with Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan having thought to be the favorite to helm the film. The gig instead landed in the hands of Steven Spielberg himself, which seems fitting considering the amount of 80s references in the book, some of which make mention of Spielberg's classics of the time period. 
The book follows a virtual reality video game known as OASIS, whose creator James Halliday recently passed away and planted several easter eggs throughout the game (Which are full of 80s pop culture references). The main character of Wade Watts is one of several gamers who is embarking on the journey as his avatar Parzival to find the prize and win the fortune of the game's creator before the wrong person does. Sheridan will more than likely be playing the duel role of both Watts and Parzival, and seems like a fitting choice for the part. Sheridan fits the typical Spielberg mold of relatively unknown actors on the come-up who are younger than twenty years old.
Aside from being based on an acclaimed and successful book, Ready Player One already has a lot going for it. The film recently moved from its original release date of December 2017 to March 2018 after Star Wars: Episode 8 moved to the exact same day Ready Player One had been scheduled for. Sheridan joins an already impressive cast with the likes of Olivia Cooke (Me Earl and the Dying Girl) as Art3mis, and Ben Mendelsohn as the villainous Nolan Sorrento. With all these talented actors being led by a legend such as Spielberg, its hard to get excited for this film. 
So what do you think of how Ready Player One is shaping up so far? Do you like the idea of Sheridan playing Watts? Who else would you like to see join the cast? Let us know below!