Adaption Of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' Lands Idris Elba And Matthew McConaughey

Development hell can be a dark and tedious experience for everyone involved in a film, and such has been the case for The Dark Tower. The adaption of the famed Stephen King novel has been tossed around between studios and filmmakers since 2007, and has had several big names attached to it at certain points. Now it seems the film has finally gained its footing with director Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) at the helm, and has finally found its protagonist and antagonist. These two pivotal roles will be brought to the big screen by the likes of actors Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar) and Idris Elba (Beast of No Nation).

The trio of Elba, McConaughey, and King all confirmed the new via their Twitter accounts Tuesday. The news doesn't come as much of a surprise as the film is set to be released January 13th next year, so it was only a matter of time before we got some sort of casting news. Elba will be playing the lead role of 'The Gunslinger' Roland Deschain who is described as a character very similar to Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The character is tasked with finding The Dark Tower and using its power before it ends up in the wrong hands.
The role of Roland is of course the most pivotal of the Dark Tower series, so Elba's casting should come as a relief to fans. Javier Bardem has been attached to the role a few years back, but that was when Dark Tower was being looked at as a possible HBO series. Elba has recently made a big splash in the film industry after gaining a reputation for his work on the TV series Luther. Has recent successes have included his role as Heimdall in the Thor series, his role in 2013's Pacific Rim, and his recently acclaimed part in the film Beasts of No Nation.
King and Arcel also managed to land a huge name in Matthew McConaughey in the role of the series' main villain 'The Man in Black' aka Walter Padick who goes by many aliases throughout the books. McConaughey himself is of course a very impressive name to add to the film's cast, coming off his Oscar win just two years ago for his performance in Dallas Buyer's Club.  He has also had recent success in films such as Wolf of Wallstreet and Interstellar, as well as a part in HBO's True Detective.
So what do you think of the casting for The Dark Tower? Do you think Elba and McConaughey are good picks for their respective parts? Let us know below!