Marvel And Netflix Finally Find Their 'Iron Fist' In The Form of 'Game of Thrones' Actor Finn Jones

British actors playing American superheroes has become a recent trend in Hollywood, with the likes of Superman, our last two Spider-Mans, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and more all being played by actor from across the pond. Now you can add Marvel's Iron Fist aka Danny Rand to that list, as English actor Finn Jones of Game of Thrones fame has landed the lead role in the upcoming Netflix series. Jones will join an already impressive cast of Marvel/Netflix superheroes which already includes Mike Colter's Luke Cage, Charlie Cox's Daredevil, Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones, and Jon Bernthal's Punisher

The news of Jones casting originally came as a rumor from The Hashtag Show, and was later confirmed by several news outlet and eventually Marvel themselves. Jones is a relatively unknown actor who hasn't done much aside from his seventeen episode tenor on Game of Thrones as Ser Loras Tyrell. Marvel has been going for smaller name actors mainly known for their work in TV for most of their Netflix roles, so Jones certainly fits that mold pretty well. 
For a while there many fans began to question whether we would even be getting an Iron Fist series, and rumors had circulated that a show starring Jon Bernthal's Punisher would likely replace it. Most of this speculation began because we hadn't heard much from Marvel ever since they had announced the Iron Fist series, and there had been no word on who would be cast in the part. Luke Cage actor Mike Colter had hinted in the past that Marvel had already cast the role but was waiting to make an official announcement, so it is likely that the role has belonged to Jones for a while now.
There still hasn't been word on when the Iron Fist series will be making it debut on Netflix, but its likely that we could see the character introduced in the Luke Cage series set to premiere later this year. At the very least we can expect the show to hit before we get to see The Defenders series, which will be teaming up all of Marvel's Netflix heroes in one show. 
So what do you think of the Iron Fist casting? Did you have another actor in mind? Let us know below!