Netflix Renews 'Fuller House' For A Second Season Set To Premiere At This Time Next Year

As a huge fan of the original Full House TV show on reruns when I was younger, I couldn't believe an actual spin-off was in the works. After years of rumored TV reunions and movies I had come to the conclusion that we just wouldn't be seeing the Tanners back at the San Francisco home ever again. Well things took a surprising and pleasant turn when Netflix decided to take a chance on a spinoff show titled Fuller House that would follow DJ Tanner and her kids, along with their aunt Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler moving in. Now fans of the show will get to see even more adventures of the family, as the series has been picked up for a second season. 

The news doesn't come as much of a surprise considering how much marketing and popularity has come out of bringing back Full House in the form of Fuller House. The show itself hasn't been met very well by critics, but fans have been very open in voicing their satisfaction with the show. There was concern that because the show wasn't going to be airing on a regular TV network like Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, it wouldn't reach the popularity of the original.
That doesn't seem to be the case though as Netflix has made a strong effort to market the show prior to its release, and the cast members have also been making the rounds promoting the show on talk shows. It seems that all that work paid off in the long run, as most Full House fans came back to watch Fuller House and ultimately enjoyed the show enough to warrant a second season.
Of course the ideal scenario for creator Jeff Franklin and for the cast would be to have this spin-off show last as long as the original did (Eight seasons). Throughout Full House we were able to watch Danny Tanner's children DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle grow up before our eyes, and that is probably what they hope to do with the new cast of kids. Fans can expect for the next season of Fuller House to hit Netflix by this time next year, and will hopefully see most of the original cast returning as well (Most likely minus Mary Kate and Ashley, again).
So are you excited to see season 2 of Fuller House? Was the spinoff a worthy follow up to the original show? Let us know below!