Second Trailer Drops For 'Captain America: Civil War' Giving Us Our First Look At The New Spider-Man

That sound you hear right now is the sound of millions of Spider-Man fans losing their minds over this new Civil War trailer. That's right ladies and gentlemen, not only did we get a new action packed trailer for Captain America: Civil War, but we also got our first look at Marvel Studios' version of the famous webhead. Marvel sure knows how to hype up their fans, as the recent trailer is sure to get those who were skeptical about the movie and our new version of Spidey on board. The trailer also gives us great looks at several of the film's other key players, but the wallcrawler certainly steals the show.

Below is the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War:
Alright so before we get to all the Spider-Man craziness, its worth noticing everything else included in the trailer. Specifically we now have a much better idea of the film's story and whose side each hero will be fighting for. There are some great action shots including Scarlet Witch going at it with Vision, War Machine taking a hit, and Antman riding on Hawkeye's arrow as he does in the comics. We also get a better idea of how intense this "war" really will be despite its smaller scale, and fans can be assured that Steve Rogers and Tony Stark certainly aren't going to be holding back in combat. Below is a new poster the was also released for the film, showing the two teams squaring off (Minus Spidey).
One of the main hightlights of the trailer is the much better look at Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther. Up until this point we have only really seen him in quick shots and concept art, but we get to see him in action against Winter Soldier throughout this trailer. The suit he's sporting seems very comic book accurate, yet has a slightly more modern and high tech look to it. We also get our first footage of Boseman out of the Panther suit as the Prince of Wakanda himself T'Challa.
But of course, the main scene stealer of this trailer is in fact the appearance of Tom Holland's Spider-Man at the end of the suit. The character is definitely sporting a very classic Alex Ross/John Romita type look which is noticeable in the smaller emblem and narrower eyes. The suit is a striking contrast from the past versions we have seen, as the webbing is much less pronounced and the character's eyes will in fact move similar to Deadpool's. We also now know that the character will in fact be on team Iron Man, but he could still possibly switch at some point in the film. 
So what did you think of the new trailer? Do you like the look of the new Spider-Man? Let us know below!