Tom Cavanagh Set To Return For Season 3 Of 'The Flash', But Which Character Is He Playing?

The events of last week's season finale of The Flash certainly had fans in a frenzy, and has left us with many unanswered question till next Fall. Well with as much mystery as season 3 is currently surrounded with, we finally have some word of certainty. According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Tom Cavanagh apparently will in fact be returning for the shows third season, but fans of the show know very well that his return won't be that simple. The actor is known for playing several iterations of the character Harrison Wells, but its unknown which version of the character he will be returning as in season 3. Caution to anyone who isn't caught up on The Flash, this article will contain SPOILERS.

Alright so as you all know by now if you're still reading this, the events of last week's episode have certainly had a huge effect on Barry Allen's life. Having gone back to stop the Reverse Flash from killing his mother when he was a child, Barry has seemingly undone several of the events of the led him to become The Flash. For one thing Barry will more than likely no longer have his powers, and his relationships with certain characters will be severely altered. This includes his relationships with Joe, Iris, and Wally West, and well as team Flash members Cisco and Caitlin. 
So where does Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells fit into all of this? Well that's a good question. For one thing the version of the character we saw all of last season was his Earth 2 counterpart, who became very close with team Flash and returned to his Earth with his daughter Jesse in the season finale. It's possible that Cavanagh may be returning as this version of the character, possibly to help Barry Allen regain his powers and restore the timeline as he might be one of the only people who remembers how things were.
The other possibility is that Cavanagh could be returning as the original Harrison Wells who in the first season of the show was killed and impersonated by Eobard Thawne. The changes Barry has made to the timeline very well could've prevented the death of the real Wells, especially if he managed to kill Thawne. Its also possible that he could go back to playing the Reverse Flash version of Wells who was actually Thawne in disguise, especially if Barry never killed him the night his mother was supposed to die. Expect to see many character who originally died return with the changes to the timeline, including more than likely Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond, and Barry's father. John Wesley Shipp who plays Barry's father has already confirmed his return in season 3, but he may just be playing his Earth 3 counterpart Jay Garrick aka the original Flash. 
So which version of Wells do you think Tom Cavanagh is playing in season 3? Are there any other characters you're hoping to see return? Let us know below!