Donald Glover Joins 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'; Could He Be Playing An Older Miles Morales?

Donald Glover Spider-Man: Homecoming
If I could only use two words to describe the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast right now, they would be talented and diverse. With the addition of a couple more unknown actors recently, another big name has joined the film and that's Childish Gambino himself Donald Glover (The Martian). Spider-Man fans will certainly remember how big of a fan Glover is of the character, and the huge campaign that started to get Sony to cast him as Peter Parker when the studio was working on The Amazing Spider-Man. Yet it seems Glover has now finally gotten his chance to star in a Spider-Man movie, and possibly wear a suit of his own. 

The news comes courtesy of Deadline, who confirm that Glover is in talks to join the film in an unspecified role. As you can imagine given the actor's history with character, the internet has been rampant with rumors over who he could be playing. The most popular choice is of course Miles Morales, the half African American teenager who became the second Spider-Man in the comics. Morales was actually modeled after Glover himself and voiced by him in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, but is portrayed as a 13 year old in the comics which is a far cry for the thirty year old actor age wise.
Donald Glover as Miles Morales Spider-Man by BossLogic
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Marvel could of course be taking some liberties with the character and have Miles as an older friend of Peter Parker who will eventually be bitten by the same radioactive spider, but this seems unlikely. The chances of seeing him play Morales are slim given rumors that Sony's upcoming animated Spider-Man movie will focus on Miles, the age difference between Glover and the character, and the recent introduction of Tom Holland's young Peter Parker .
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There are several other possible characters Glover could be playing, including villain turned ally Prowler who has been portrayed as the uncle of Miles Morales in the comics. There's also J. Jonah Jameson's right hand man at the Daily Bugle named Robbie Robertson, who Glover may be portraying a younger rendition of. Yet there's of course the chance that he'll be playing an entirely new character made up for Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is much more likely to be a teacher of Peter's rather than one of his high school class mates (He may look young, but not that young).
Donald Glover Midtown Highschool Teacher
So what do you think of Donald Glover joining Spider-Man: Homecoming? Is there any particular character you would like to see him play? Let us know below!