New 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Plot Details Emerge, And They're As Ridiculous As You'd Expect

Optimus Prime The Last Knight
Oh, the Transformers franchise. Where did you go wrong? Nevermind the falling out with Megan Fox, the recent antics of its former leading man Shia LaBeouf, and the unexplained recycling of footage by Michael Bay, but what are these movies even about anymore? We've come a long from a movie just about a boy in his car, as we'll now apparently be getting some magical elements in the Transformers universe. Yes you read that right, the Transformers will now apparently have some sort of ties to British mythology and the story of Merlin. Anyone who says these guys aren't running out of ideas is just lying to themselves at this point.

The new plot and character rumors for the fifth installment of the franchise which is titled Transformers: The Last Knight come to us via JoBlo. The site claims the movie will see Optimus Prime separated from the Autobots for the majority of the time while he is on his own mission back to their home planet of Cybertron. He eventually learns that he is the reason the planet is dead, and in typical Transformers' fashion, he must recover an artifact to bring it back to life.
Transformers Cybertron
Sounds simple enough, right? Well this is where things get weird. So apparently the artifact Optimus needs to retrieve has some sort of connection to the wizard Merlin, and it will be revealed that Merlin retrieved his magic upon a visit from a Transformer. Merlin may very well be the character Anthony Hopkins is playing, but there's other more probable choices I'll get to later in this article. It seems highly likely that the artifact may in fact be the famed sword Excalibur as it was even teased in the first promo image from the film. 
Transformers The Last Knight Logo
As for characters, we don't know too much about the human characters just yet but we do know about the robots that will be featured. Bumblebee will be returning and taking on a leadership role amongst the Autobots in the absence of Optimus. Megatron will also be returning as the film's villain, much to the displeasure of most fans (Sorry, still no Unicron). The film will also feature several Transformers of English origin including an Aston Martin named Cogman and a Vespa named Squeaks. There will also be a character known as The Creator who is apparently responsible for the creation of the Transformers, and is most likely who Anthony Hopkins will be lending his voice to.
Transformers Anthony Hopkins
So what do you think of the plot and character details for Transformers: The Last Knight? Are you excited to see it, or do you feel the franchise has run its course? Let us know below!