Ben Affleck Reveals First Footage Of Deathstroke Rumored To Be Played By Joe Manganiello

Let be honest, Monday's aren't really fun for anyone. Well apparently unless your Ben Affleck. I guess Mr. Affleck wanted to bestow a taste of his badass Mondays onto his gracious fans, cause he dropped some behind the scenes footage of Deathstroke on all his social media account. The footage caught the Internet by surprise, as there's been no rumors or indicators that the character would be making his big screen debut anytime soon. While we can assume the footage shown is from Justice League, rumor has it the character will be the main villain of The Batman solo movie. Not only that, but we also might already know which actor is donning the mask in the test footage.

As I stated above, Affleck randomly posted the footage which was seemingly filmed on the set of Justice League from a screen monitor. It was posted with neither a caption or sound, but fans could tell right away who the character was supposed to be. While some speculated Affleck might've just been teasing by posting video game footage or a fan film, its since been all but confirmed that the footage is from a legitimate DC film. All signs point to that film being Justice League, which is still currently in production. We know the villain of that film will be Steppenwolf, but I guess we can expect to see an appearance from Deathstroke somewhere in the movie. 
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We have no idea how Deathstroke will factor into Justice League, but we do know that the test footage was filmed at the team's vehicle the Flying Fox. Its possible that Deathstroke might be another side antagonist the team has to face along with Steppenwolf, but there could also even be a team up between the mercenary and the heroes at the some point. As of right now its all speculation, and Ben Affleck's cryptic tweet isn't much to go by. We also aren't sure if this the official look the character will be sporting in the movie, or if its just an early concept. 
Since the footage surfaced, several rumors have already emerged in regards to the character role in the DC Expanded Universe. We know that at some point in Suicide Squad's development David Ayer considered using the character, and several actors were even rumored for the part. One of which was Joe Manganiello (True Blood), who had previously tested for Superman in Man of Steel. Reports suggest Manganiello is the actor behind the mask in the footage, and that he'll be serving as the primary antagonist of Ben Affleck's Batman solo movie. 
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So what do you think of the first footage of Deathstroke? Would you happy to see him in Justice League or as the villain in The Batman? Would you be fine with Manganiello in the role? Let is know below!