First Image Of The 'Justice League' United Revealed Along With A New Trailer At Comic-Con

Fans around the world always know to keep an eye out for book comic book movie news and announcements from studios once the San Diego Comic-Con rolls around, and this year is no different. Fresh off the mixed reaction to this years blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and with Suicide Squad just around the corner, Warner Bros. and DC wanted to make it clear that they weren't pulling any punches at SDCC this year. Not only did they drop the first official look of the entire Justice League united, but they also gave us a sizzle reel/trailer for the upcoming film.

Below you can check out the Justice League trailer shown at this year's Comic-Con:

Alright so of course between the trailer and the image, there's a lot for DC fans to take in here. While we might have seen three of the six Justice League members in action during the events of Batman v. Superman, this trailer gives us our first real look at both Ezra Miller's Flash and Ray Fisher's Cyborg. But I'll get to them later. First off the tone of this trailer certainly seems to be much lighter and more comedic than that of BVS, which is something Zack Snyder has spoken about as a big change he made for this film. The director has emphasized how he wants to make this film fun for audience, and it seems like he's done just that judging by this trailer.
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The trailer also has a severe lack of Superman for obvious reasons (He's "dead" in case you forgot), and Snyder has already suggested that the Man of Steel will be absent for the majority of the movie. We probably won't be seeing footage of Superman in the movie anytime soon, but in inclusion in the official team photo that was released seems to be a good sign of his importance in the film. Jason Momoa's Aquaman also gets his time to shine in the trailer, and we can certainly expect a much grittier and more badass version of the character than we've ever seen before. It seems like he'll definitely be at odds with Bruce Wayne at first, and it seems like it's going to be pretty difficult to get him to join their team.
But of course the most talked about characters of the trailer are Flash and Cyborg in our first official looks at them in full costume. Flash's costume lines up with a lot of the descriptions we've been hearing of a more armored Injustice type of suit. Cyborg on the other hand seems pretty accurate to his comic book look, and the majority of him is definitely CGI as we had heard in previous reports. Ezra Miller's Barry Allen will apparently provide much of the comedic relief of the film judging by  this trailer, and we finally have a look at the famous apartment scene between him and Bruce Wayne we've been hearing about.
So what do you think of the Justice League trailer? Are you happy it will have a lighter tone than Batman v. Superman? Do you like the look they picked for the characters? Let us know below!