Ray Fisher's Cyborg Will Apparently Be Making An Appearance In 'The Flash' Solo Movie

Hey DC fans, are you hoping to see the bromance between Hal Jordan and Barry Allen finally on the big screen? Well too bad. As we all know by now, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern won't be featured in Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League movie (At least as far as we know). The character has instead been replaced by Teen Titans favorite and recent JL member in the New 52 Cyborg played by Ray Fisher. We've already heard that there will be a strong friendship between Fisher's Cyborg and Ezra Miller's Flash in the Justice League movie, but apparently the two are even closer than we thought.

According the Variety, Fisher's Cyborg will be making some kind of appearance in 2018's Flash solo movie. We next to nothing about the movie, including who the villain will be and what exactly the plot is, but we can expect a pretty big threat if he really needs Cyborg's help to get the job done (Gorilla Grood anyone?). We do know that the film is now being helmed by Dope director Rick Famuyiwa, who has cast his collaborator from that film Kiersey Clemons as Barry Allen's love interest Iris West in the film.
Audiences have actually already been introduced to Cyborg via a clip in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, where we saw his father Silos Stone attempt to save his life by morphing the injured body of his son Victor with a mother box. Considering what the character has been through and the fact that he can no longer lead a human life since he's mostly machine, he will certainly make for an interesting and complex character if handled right. Barry Allen's relationship with Cyborg will be interesting to see explored, yet we still don't know just how important he'll be in the movie.
While one would assume Cyborg is gonna get in on the action with the Flash in the movie, it may just be a quick appearance or dialogue scene between the two characters that we end up getting. DC and Warner Bros. are really baking on first time on screen actor Ray Fisher winning over audiences on Cyborg in both Justice League and The Flash, as the character will be getting his own solo movie in 2019. The decision to give him a solo movie was question by many fans considering the fact that the character he usually a part of a team and doesn't of much mythology on his own in the comics, but if the character is a real standout then its easy to see the Cyborg movie working out.
So what do you think of Cyborg appearing in The Flash movie? Do you want to see the two fight alongside each other in the film? Let us know below!