Remake Of Stephen King's 'It' Reveals First Look At The New Pennywise The Clown

Netflix's new series Stranger Things really paid tribute to the classic Steven Spielberg films and Stephen King novels of the 80s, and their results were very positive. The series has not only blown up in popularity in the last month, but it has also gotten excellent review for recapturing the nostalgia and feel of the era it takes place in. With so many people left wanting more of the series, the upcoming It remake is hoping to capitalize on that nostalgia and popularity of a story pitting an unlikely group of kids against an otherworldly threat.

The original It was of course a miniseries based on the Stephen King novels of the same name. King should be a familiar name to several movie buffs for his work on the source material of classics such as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Stand By Me, and The Shining. The It miniseries was a standout in the 90s, and featured Tim Curry in the lead villain role of Pennywise the Clown. Over the years Curry's performance has been considered both horrifying and iconic, so it's clear that the remake wants to differentiate this version of the character from the old one.
Pennywise will now be played by a new and much younger actor named Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove) who certainly has some big shoes to fill (No pun intended). The remake has been through several changes since its announcement including director Cary Fukunga (Beast of No Nation) being replaced by horror movie director Andrés Muschietti (Mama). Will Poulter was also initially cast as Pennywise, but he had to give up the part due to his role in The Revenant. We now have our first official looks at Skarsgård's version of Pennywise thanks to EW:
For those who don't know much about Pennywise, he's basically a demonic clown who feeds off children. If that sounds disturbing to you, its because it is. But much in the same vain as Stranger Things, the film focuses on a young group of unlikely heroes in 1989 known as the "Losers Club" who search for the killer of the one of the group member's younger brothers. Even the producers of the film have acknowledged the similarities to Stranger Things, and stated they'll be taking some pointers from the series. They even share cast member Finn Wolfhard, which you'll remember as Mike from Stranger Things will be playing Richie Tozier in this movie.
So are you excited to see the It remake? Do you think it'll touch the same notes Stranger Things did with audiences? What do you think of the new look for Pennywise? Let us know below!