Disney Set To Remake 'The Lion King' In Live Action With Jon Favreau At The Helm

Alright so upon reading the title of this article you're probably pretty confused. How can they make a live action version of Lion King when every character in it is an animal? And why would Disney even remake a classic like the Lion King? To be honest with you, I actually have no idea about that second question. But in regards to the first question, following the success of this year's Jungle Book live action remake, the studio has apparently decided to use that same CGI style and same director (Iron Man's Jon Favreau) to readapt one of their most famous animated movies. Now whether we need this movie to be made or not is up for debate, but it seems Disney wasn't as hesitant as most fans are.

Disney came out to announce the project along with Favreau's name being attached to direct it. The studio also announced that thanks to the financial success and critical acclaim of Jungle Book, they will be developing a sequel to that film with Favreau also directing. It seems Disney has grown very fond of Jon Favreau, and he's found a niche directing their live action adaptions. The visual effects used to create the realistic animal in Jungle Book has also been a huge success, which is what encouraged the studio to retell the Lion King story with that same technology.
Unlike Jungle Book, the original Lion King is one of the most recent films on Disney's list of animated classics. Several of the actors who voiced characters in that film are still working today, and would most likely be willing to return if given the opportunity. While fans would love to see James Earl Jones return as Mufasa, Nathan Lane back as Timon, or Jeremy Irons as Scar, its likely Favreau will look for new names to take on the iconic roles considering this is a reimagining of the story. While the voices may not be the same, Disney has confirmed that the songs from the original film created by Elton John will be featured in the new movie. 
Disney has recently found a lot of success with their live action remakes, including this years Cinderella and Pete's Dragon which like Jungle Book were well received by fans and critics. The studio also already has their remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson set to hit theaters early next year, which is sure to be a hit with such a big name attached to the lead. It seems the studio has really found their way with their live action remakes, it they'll most likely continue to do it as long as they're successful. With Lion King in the works, now its just a question of which film is getting its live action remake next?
So are you happy Disney is making a live action remake of Lion King? Would you like to see the original cast return? If not, who would you cast as the new voice for this iconic roles? Let us know below!