'Deadpool' Director Tim Miller Leaves Sequel Over Creative Differences With Ryan Reynolds

Like with any line of work, there are several people involved with the making of a movie, and some times those people just can't get along. Its becoming more and more common for directors and studios to have a falling out over creative difference, which is something we've seen happen at Marvel with Edgar Wright and Ant-Man. But it isn't everyday a director leaves a sequel to a very successful project that has him to credit for even being made, and over a falling out with the lead actor. That was apparently the case between Deadpool director Tim Miller and actor Ryan Reynolds, as its been announced that the former has officially left the project.

The confirmed news from Deadline is certainly a huge shock for fans, as there hadn't even been the slightest rumor of any problems between Miller and Reynolds until this point. Following the success of the first film, Fox has been fast tracking Deadpool 2 for a 2018 release date with Miller having been set to return to the director's chair. Its very unfortunate news considering Miller was the one who refused to give up on the Deadpool project even when Fox didn't want to take a risk on it, and it eventually ended up paying off. Reynolds on the other hand also played a huge role in getting the movie made, and his love for the character and finally getting to play a comic book accurate version of him has been well documented.
Miller hadn't officially signed on to direct the sequel yet, but he had been working on the script before his departure. While there hasn't been any official word from either Miller or Reynolds for why he left the project, a new rumor going around is that it was all over the casting of Cable. As you'll remember from the end of the first movie, Cable was teased for the sequel as he's popular companion to Deadpool in the comics. Miller supposedly wanted to cast Kyle Chandler (Super 8) in the role, but Reynolds didn't feel he was the right choice and wanted to go in a different direction.
Despite how important Tim Miller was to the Deadpool films, the studio still most likely wants to meet their planned release date and will be on the hunt for a replacement. No names have been thrown around yet, but two I can think of off the top of my head or Matthew Vaughn and Ruben Fleischer. Vaughn is known for his work on violent R-rated comic adaptions like Kick-Ass and Kingsman which have a similar style to Deadpool, and has already worked on X-Men: First Class for Fox. Fleischer on the other hand directed Zombieland, which was written by the same writers as Deadpool; Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.
So who do you think should direct Deadpool 2? Do you think Kyle Chandler would make a good Cable? Are you still excited for the movie? Let us know below!