'Logan' Trailer Gives Us The Mad Max Meets Wolverine Movie We've Been Waiting For

For X-Men fans and movie goers alike, its hard to imagine anyone but Hugh Jackman wielding Wolverine's iconic claws. But that will soon be a reality we'll all have to accept, as after two decades of playing the character Jackman will officially be making his last appearance as Wolverine. There has been speculation about the movies plot, character, and villains from the moment it was announced, but now we have a trailer to answer many of the questions. While there had been rumors that the movie would follow the famed Old Man Logan storyline fans have been waiting to see adapted, and this trailer suggests we may be getting a bit of that.

Below is the first trailer for Fox's Logan:
Right off the bat, the tone of this movie definitely seems darker than any past movies in the X-Men universe. The film is the R-rated Wolverine movie fans have been longing for, and judging by the violence in the trailer director James Mangold isn't going back on that promise. The trailer has already drawn comparison to the game The Last of Us, which also featured a grizzled lead character protecting a young girl in a post apocalyptic world. Wolverine will be protecting a young girl with powers like his own, who we expect to be his clone X-23. 
We get a lot of footage that is reminiscent of a Mad Max film, and we now know that Professor X will be pivotal to the story and tagging along for the majority of the adventure. Like in the Old Man Logan storyline, his healing abilities have begun to diminish and his age in starting to catch up to him. We also get several shots of the film's villains the Reavers and their leader Donald Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook (Narcos). Stephen Merchant's Caliban is surprisingly absent from the trailer, so its unknown how he will factor into the plot at this point. 
So what did you think of the Logan trailer? Do you like the tone they're going for? Let us know below!