Two 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailers Drop With Footage Of Iron Man, Vulture, and Shocker

Ever since Comic-Con, fans have been patiently awaiting some kind of Spider-Man: Homecoming footage, and now we finally got it. Not only did we get the trailer that aired earlier on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but we also got an international trailer which featured some new footage. Theres plenty to be excited about from this trailer, including Tom Holland's witty remarks while under the mask, his interactions with his friends and Tony Stark, and of course our first look at Michael Keaton's Vulture in full costume and in action. Not only that, but we also get some footage of another famed Spider-Man villain; Shocker. 

Below is the trailer that debuted on Jimmy Kimmel:
And here is the international trailer that was also released by Marvel:
We definitely get the coming of age John Hughes movie type vibe that Marvel and director Jon Watts have been teasing for the movie. There's a lot of footage of Peter and Jacob Batalon's character Ned hanging out, as well as Zendaya's Michelle and Laura Harrier's Liz Allen. Allen will apparently be Peter's love interest in this movie, although it seems more like a crush. Although we see a lot of Peter's high school, we surprisingly don't see any of Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson anywhere here.
While we knew Robert Downey Jr. would be making an appearance as Tony Stark given the relationship the two characters formed in Civil War, we didn't know just how important he would be. Judging by the trailer, it seems Tony will basically serve as Peter's "cool rich uncle" type figure, and will also be suiting up with him and some point in the movie. Hopefully we will get to see Peter fight his own battles against Vulture and co. without any help from Iron Man. 
Of course a huge part of this trailer was finally getting to see footage of the enemy Spidey will be facing, Michael Keaton's Vulture. The design for Vulture himself looks great by paying tribute to the comics without looking ridiculous, and instead going for a modern tech based look. It seems Vulture may have an arm of enemies working with him, with Bookem Woodbine's Shocker being one of them as seen in the second trailer.
So what did you think of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers? What parts were your favorite? Are you more excited for the movie now? Let us know below!