Rumors Suggest 'Back to the Future' Director Robert Zemeckis May Be In Talks For DC's 'The Flash'

Have you ever had a friend who you are always giving advice to and keep hoping they'll make a constructive change in their life, but they just keeping fucking up. In my eyes, thats currently DC and Warner Bros. A few years back, the idea of a DC cinematic universe that could rival Marvel's was both exciting a realistic. But that vision has been adjusted ever since the officially titled "DC Expanded Universe" has gotten off to a rough start. None the less, I keep hoping one of these upcoming projects could be the one that stirs them back on track (If there was even one to begin with). While it seems that film may be Zack Snyder's Justice League later this year, one character whose solo movie has a lot of potential is Ezra Miller's Barry Allen aka The Flash.

A popular TV show on the CW that you may have heard of that shares the same name has proven not only how interesting the character of Barry/Flash is, but also the interesting storylines he must grapple. The movie will of course try not to tread the same ground as the show, but it will certainly share some elements. One of those key elements is time travel, an ability the Flash has thanks to the speed force that has led to many consequences and serious decisions for the character. So who better to take on all the convoluted timelines of the Flash world then the director of the great time travel film of all time; Back to the Future's Robert Zemeckis.
Thats right, Zemeckis may be making his return to the time travel genre of the rumor suggested by Screen Junkies has any truth to it. According to the site, Zemeckis coming on board for the project is far from a done deal. Reporter Umberto Gonzalez has already come out and stated Zemeckis has simply taken a meeting with WB over the project, but they're still considering several other directors. Also just days after the scoop, it was announced the Zemeckis was attached to direct an upcoming project for Universal set to release in 2018, the same year The Flash is currently set to release. While this seemingly contradicts the rumor, its still possible WB might simply be pushing back the project after all the issues its had.
The Flash movie has already been through several script rewrites, and has had not one, but two directors leave the project. Both Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) were attached to the project, the later even made an appearance at Comic-Con with fellow DC directors. Famuyiwa who would've been an excellent fit for the job reportedly left due to creative differences with the studio over the script. He even brought on Dope star Kelsey Clemens for the role of Iris West, a role she has remained with despite the director's departure. 
So would you like to see Robert Zemeckis director The Flash? Do you have another director in mind? Let us know below!