Tom Holland Will Play A Young Nathan Drake In Sony's Movie Adaption Of The 'Uncharted' Video Games

Its no surprise that Sony is currently very hyped on their Spider-Man Tom Holland, but it is surprising that the studio has decided to cast the actor as Nathan Drake in Uncharted. The character you is usually portrayed as a modern day Indiana Jones type, will be played by the twenty year old in their big screen adaption of the popular video game. The movie will apparently focus on the young Nathan Drake that we've gotten glimpses of in the games, and will act as more of a prequel to Uncharted. This news has already upset many fans who were expecting a direct adaption of the games starring an adult Drake.

Deadline broke the news that Sony has cast Holland as the lead in the film set to be directed by Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy. Many thought that Holland would simply be playing the role of the young Drake in flashbacks, similar to how River Phoenix played a young Indiana Jones in the beginning of The Last Crusade, but the website made clear that this isn't the case. This is also the way the young version of the character was handled in the games, including when we saw him with his younger brother Sam, and when we saw how he met he eventual partner in crime Sully.
Holland has of course proven himself as Sony's new Spider-Man, so the studio has understandable confidence in him leading another one of their major franchises. Its unknown whether we will see Holland grow into the role of an adult Drake across several films, or if they'll eventually cast an older version of the character. There has been several names tossed around including Holland's fellow MCU member Chris Pratt, but the studio is likely not focused on the adult version of the character at this time.
Now that fans have their Nathan Drake (Sort of), we can expect some other younger versions of characters key to his past will be cast in the coming months. Sully is of course one of the most important, as he meets a young Nathan and serves as his mentor and father figure. There's also his older brother Sam, who plays an important role in the fourth game and in Nathan's childhood. I'd personally love to see Karl Urban (Star Trek) as a young Sully, and Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) as the older brother to Holland's Nathan. 
So do you like the idea of Tom Holland in as a young Nathan Drake? Who would you like to see as a young Sully and Sam? Let us know below!