'Captain Marvel' Concept Art Reveals Skrulls Will Be The Villains; Film Will Take Place In The 90s

Following the success of DC's Wonder Woman this past March, Captain Marvel will be Marvel's first attempt at having a female led solo film, and it looks as though it is gearing up to be something that may change the landscape they've built over the past few years. Thanks do San Diego Comic-Con, we've received our first look at actress Brie Larson in armor style suit that displays the traditional Captain Marvel red, gold, and navy blue color palette. We've also gotten some interesting and unexpected bits of information on the film, including who the villains will be, and what time period it will be taking place in. 

Below is some of the concept art revealed at Comic-Con for Captain Marvel:
Much to the surprise of fans, the film will apparently be taking place in the 1990s. This sets the film before the events of the first Iron Man, and will include a two eyed Nick Fury, so this may possibly hint at how Fury injured his eye. Samuel L. Jackson will of course of to be de-aged in the film using CGI, but its unknown how Carol Danvers will now fit in the modern time line. Will she be an older character? Does she not age? How the film will play into the rest of the MCU is still unclear and makes you question the fate of the heroine, as her absence has been present throughout the MCU for decades. We should expect all this to be answered in theaters two years from now. 
Yet that wasn't the only surprise fans were greeted with, as it was revealed the film's villains will be none other than the shapeshifting aliens; the Skrulls. This comes as a surprise as it was thought the rights to the characters were stuck over at Fox, and couldn't be used in the MCU. The inclusion of the Skrulls may play into some type of adaption of the Avengers: Secret Invasion storyline, in which many of the Earth's Mightiest Heros were replaced by the aliens. Further concept art shows Captain Marvel taking on a number of soldiers and this may leave us to believe that potentially she may go on to fight the likes of the Super Skrull.
How do you feel about the concept art that was released? Do you think the Infinity War sequel will touch upon this? Let us know in the comment section!