Full 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer Shown At Comic-Con Leaks Online For The Rest Of Us Fans

While not all of us can make it out to San Diego for Comic-Con, we still get to hear and see some of the very exciting announcements made there every year. Unfortunately, many Marvel fans were hoping the studio would drop some sort of footage from their upcoming massive team-up film; Avengers: Infinity War. But sadly, that wasn't the case, as we were limited to descriptions and left praying someone would leak the footage. Well it seems our prayers have been answered, cause not only did a piece of the trailer leak, but now a full version has popped up online. Enjoy.

Here is the full trailer that was shown:

The footage is pretty overwhelming, and matches with the descriptions we've read. It starts on a lighter tone with Thor crashing onto the windshield of Star-Lord's ship The Milano. It then gets much darker, but some highlights include Peter Parker rocking the amazing Iron Spider suit offered to him at the end of Homecoming. Another is Bucky Barnes being unfrozen and an entire army of Wakandan soldiers lead by Black Panther ready to head into battle. We also get a glimpse of an emotional scene between Tony and Peter, and a face off between Tony and Thanos. Its a lot to take in, but watch it while you still can folks.
Two parts of the full Comic-Con poster given to fans

Spidey isn't the only character we see get a makeover in this movie, as we see a badass long haired and bearded Steve Rogers (Not as Captain America). Rumor has it he has vacated the mantle and will be taking on the identity of Nomad, like he did in the comics. Black Widow also isn't sporting her trademark red hair, and instead will have blonde locks this time around. From what we can gather, Thor somehow ends up in space after the events of Ragnarok and comes across the Guardians. In the meantime, Rogers is in Wakanda where Bucky is being kept and presumably fights alongside T'Challa's army. And Scarlet Witch and Vision are both imprisoned somewhere, but its too vague to tell where.
The last Comic-Con trailer released showing the remaining missing characters from the film

So what did you think of the footage? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know below!