See The DeLorean, Iron Giant, and More In The First Trailer For Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One'

Comic-Con brings us so many amazing trailers, concept art, and announcements for all our favorite superhero movies. In a way, its really become what the convention is all about thanks to studios like Marvel always stealing the show. Well know one would've expected a trailer for a non-comic related movie to leave such a big impression on everyone, but Ready Player One certainly knows their demographic. Based on a book packed with 80s references and set a virtual reality video game world, Ready Player One is a nerd's dream. And as if that wasn't enough, the legend Steven Spielberg himself is going to be behind the camera for this one.

Below is the first trailer for Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One:

Right off the bat, the trailer itself is already full of some blink and you'll miss it cameos and references. As soon as Sheridan's character Wade Watts enters the virtual world known as the OASIS, we can see Harley Quinn and Deathstroke walk past his avatar. We also see whats going to be his ride in the movie, the DeLorean from Back to the Future. As a huge BTTF fan, I'm excited to see the iconic car back in action. There's also a shot of the bike from Akira, Freddy Krueger getting shot in the face, and the Iron Giant (One of my favorite child movies). That's not to mention the trailer is set to a remix of Willy Wonka's Pure Imagination song. As a nerd and eighties fan myself, all these references couldn't make more more excited for the film.
I've already read people online who are skeptical of the film's plot, as the trailer focuses more on the visuals and references. We know Wade Watts character lives in a poor area called The Stacks in the year 2045, where everyone is a part of a virtual reality game called OASIS. The game's creator James Halliday (Mark Rylance) passes away, and leaves behind basically an egg hunt filled with riddles and puzzles for the gamers. Whoever wins will receive the empire left behind by Halliday, hence the key we see going into the box at the end of the trailer. 
So what did you think of the Ready Player One trailer? What other references and characters would you like to see? Let us know below!