New Disney Streaming Service Will Feature Big-Budget Shows Focused On Smaller MCU Characters

At this point in the MCU, it feels like just about everyone has gotten their time in the spotlight. With Hulk getting a big role in Thor: Ragnarok after not having a movie for years, Hawkeye getting a lot more to do in Age of Ultron, and Black Widow even getting her own movie soon, its easy to forget some characters haven't been so lucky. Well it seems like this hasn't gone unnoticed by Marvel Studios, as they've announced they will be creating eight episode TV shows based on smaller side characters who audiences want to see more of. While Loki and Scarlet Witch are the two names that have been mentioned, it seems that there may be many more in the pipeline.

Unlike the Netflix shows such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher, these will be directly tied to the MCU. Its thought they may actually fill in story gaps and will become required viewing for fans who want to understand everything going on in the upcoming movies. The Netflix shows and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have both suffered to get all the fans the movies have for that exact reason, they don't feel like you have to see them. It seems this will also be why the series will only be eight episodes, to make it a more contained and cinematic feeling story.
All the actors who play these characters on the big screen such as Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston are expect to reprise their roles, but we also can expect cameos from bigger star characters key to their lives including Chris Hemsworth and Thor and Paul Bettany as Vision. As of right now we know the fate Scarlet Witch and Loki faced in Infinity War, so its likely these shows will be taking place before those events. It'll be interesting to see what other side characters get their own shows with names like Falcon, Winter Soldier, Valkyrie, Mantis, and Hawkeye all already having been thrown around.
The approach to these news shows is already vastly different from past endeavors, as they will actually be produced by Marvel Studios rather than Marvel TV. That means mastermind Kevin Feige will be the one calling the shots on these shows, making them hopefully feels more in line with what we've been getting on the big screen in both quality and continuity. Disney's streaming service (Rumored to be called Disney Plus) is already making big strides with this news, as well as their Jon Favreau run live action Star Wars show, a new adaption of Lady and the Tramp, and a Monsters Inc. show. The company is hoping to rival Netflix with this new service, and right now it seems they might have enough original content to do just that. 
So how do you feel about these new MCU TV shows? Is there any specific character you would like to see get their own series? Let us know below!

Ryan Coogler Will Produce 'Space Jam 2' Starring LeBron James; Release Date May Have Been Revealed

Space Jam 2 has become one of those movies we constantly here is going to happen, but we never actually believe will make it to the big screen. There's been talks of a sequel to the 90s film starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes for quite some time now, with the clear new star of the movie always having been LeBron James. But now finally after all these years it looks like things are finally official with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler on board to produce alongside director Terrance Nance. Coogler's involvement is sure to get fan excited, and already picturing the possibilities of what other big names can come on board (Michael B. Jordan has to be in this thing). With LeBron releasing this teaser photo online, some have speculated it might also be showing the release date.

That would be, according to the numbers on the lockers, 1-23-2021. It would certainly make sense as to why they chose these random set of numbers to put on the lockers, although no official announcement has been made to confirm this. 2021 seems like a while from now, but it seems reasonable if the project really is just getting started. Its likely Coogler just coming on board means any past versions of the film by Justin Lin may be scrapped for a whole new vision from the new creative team. 
With LeBron James taking his talent to Los Angeles, we all had a feeling this meant his presence in the entertainment industry would be much more prominent. James starred in the 2013 film Trainwreck in a supporting role to rave reviews, and that was before he was actually full time in LA. The fact that so much progress has been made in such a short span of time on Space Jam 2 is no coincidence, given the athlete can now be much more involved in the project since joining the Lakers in July.
With Coogler and LeBron's name on the project, its likely big names will be flocking to star in the new movie. As I stated above, I wouldn't be surprised if Coogler brings in come of his collaborators including Michael B. Jordan and others. He'll also probably put a lot more effort into the soundtrack as he did with Black Panther, so maybe he can get Kendrick Lamar to make a new album for the film? The possibilities are really endless now, and I personally can't wait to see what Coogler brings to the table.
So how do you feel about Coogler's involvement in Space Jam 2? What big star would you like to see cameo in the movie? Let us know below!

'Captain Marvel' Trailer Will Take You Right Back To The 90s With Blockbuster And A Young Samuel L. Jackson

The post credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War didn't mean much to most movie goers, but comic book fans who recognized the symbol and Nick Fury's beeper were jumping out of their seats. We still don't have a clue how Captain Marvel will tie into Avengers 4, but we can only hope her upcoming solo movie gives us some answers. What we do know about Marvel's first female led superhero movie is that it will take place in the 90s, and feature some familiar (And digitally younger) faces including Fury and Phil Coulson. We also know that the classic Marvel villainous shapeshifting aliens the Skrulls will finally be making their big screen debut, meaning just about anyone in this movie could secretly be one of them.

Below is the first official trailer for Captain Marvel:
So of course to the relief of many fans who saw the first set photos of Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel, its clear that the green suit will only be worn for a portion of the movie. We can see that Danvers is part of a team of sorts led by Jude Law's mystery character (Who we all believe to be Mar Vell, the original Captain Marvel). You also may recognize Korath from Guardians of the Galaxy, and of course Ronan who was the villain of that movie. Its unknown how he will play into the story here, but in the comics his race (The Kree) have been at war with the Skrulls, so its possible he may actually be of some assistance in taking them down.
As for the other big standouts of the trailer, a nearly flawlessly de-aged Samuel L. Jackson shows us a much less experienced and high ranking version of Nick Fury. Its likely that in this movie we will be learning how Fury loses his eye, as we can see a shot of him in a hospital holding ice to it. Clark Gregg's young Agent Coulson unfortunately isn't as convincing, with the CGI looking a bit obvious specifically on his hair. Hopefully the finished product will look just as clean as the work done on Jackson, as his character will probably be getting a lot of screen time. 
Pretty much everything else about this trailer is strictly speculation, but hopefully the old lady Carol punches is actually a Skrull (And not really just some old lady on a train). We hardly see the Skrulls in this trailer, so they'll likely be taking on human forms for most of the movie. There's been speculation the glowing eyes of Law's character good indicate he is one of them. We also learn that Carol Danvers doesn't actually remember if she's from Earth, and only can see bit and pieces of her childhood. This will make for an interesting subplot of her own self discovery of where she came from, similar to the arc Peter Quill went through in Guardians.
So what did you think of the Captain Marvel trailer? Who do you think will secretly be a Skrull in the movie? Let us know below!

First Official Photo And Teaser Video Of Joaquin Phoenix As 'Arthur' In Todd Phillips' Upcoming Joker Movie

The current plan for DC movies has been just as confusing for fans as it has been for the studio themselves, but surprisingly amidst all the shakeups there's still some movies actually happening. One of these is the Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as the title character, which will be completely separate from DCEU movies such as Justice League and Batman v. Superman. The way things are looking so far, this certainly may be for the better with the film aiming to even make some noise during next year's awards season. While we had heard a lot of rumors from the movie, we now have photos of Phoenix both pre and post his Joker transformation thanks to director Todd Phillips.

The first photo released early last week shows the character "Arthur Fleck" who will eventually become the Joker. Fans of the comics know that the Joker really doesn't have an identity or clear back story, so the floor is open for Phillips to basically create a whole new character from the ground up. What we've heard is that his character will be a struggling comedian (Similar to the comics) and will have a tragic past and family life that will eventually lead him down his psychotic path. Below you can see the first photo of Phoenix as Arthur, which seemingly fits with that character description: 
The movie which will include the talents of Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, and more was also set to feature Alec Baldwin as Thomas Wayne (Father of Batman himself) but the actor dropped out of the role. He has since been replaced by Brett Cullen, and here the character might actually be the illegitimate father of Fleck. Given that the movie will take place in the 1980s, its possible a young Bruce Wayne could make an appearance but it does seem this will be a very Joker centric story. Below you can see a short teaser video giving us our first look of Phoenix in the Joker makeup.
While a far cry from some of the classic looks of the Joker we've seen in the comics, this version seems much more reminiscent of Heath Ledger's version of the character. This may not be the final version of the character we see in the movie, but it fits with the gritty mafia type of film it has been described as. Fans have already begun comparing this version of the character to Jared Leto's infamous take, and it seems the first image already has some leaning towards Phoenix.
So how do you feel about what we've seen of Phoenix's Joker so far? Do you prefer the look over Leto's? Let us know below!

'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Will Get A Chance At Redemption Thanks To A New Live Action Netflix Series

In the early days of this website, I didn't have the knowledge I do now about this little known website called Rotten Tomatoes. Had I known what I know now, I wouldn't have forced my family to see the dumpster fire that was M. Night Shyamalan's adaption of The Last Airbender. Thankfully the director has since gotten a second chance and has made the most of it with the hit film Split and its sequel Glass on the way. But Shyamalan apparently isn't the only one getting his chance at redemption, as apparently The Avatar himself will star in an all new Netflix series based on the Nickelodeon cartoon. The series is expected to start production in 2019, with its original creators serving as showrunners.

Creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko assure fans that this version of the show will feature "culturally appropriate" and "non-whitewashed" characters. This of course is directly addressing the controversy over how Shyamalan cast his movie, with white actors as the film's main three leads. Its likely young Asian actors will be found for these parts with DiMartino and Koniezko now involved, and with the Netflix brand on it the show could still bring in a big name or two for the adult roles.
Avatar was one of the most popular shows during my era of Nickelodeon growing up, and certainly has a mythology that lends itself to a big budget series more than a movie. In the same vein as the recently adapted Series of Unfortunate Events, both properties had an attempt at a film adaption that ultimately led to nothing. Series of Unfortunate Events was able to make the most of its second chance at Netflix, so I can only imagine The Last Airbender will do the same.
The original series follows a boy named Aang who is freed from ice by Katara and Sokka, and informed he is the last remained airbender on Earth. Is the new avatar Aang must learn to master all the elements (water, fire, and earth remaining) and does so by amercing himself in each benders separate tribe. He does all this amidst the threat of the evil Fire Nation, including one of the series main antagonists Prince Zuko. It'll be interesting to see who is cast as key characters such as Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and of course Aang in the coming months. 
So do you think The Last Airbender will work as a Netflix series? Who would you like to see play the main characters of the show? Let us know below!

Henry Cavill Might Be Out As Superman; Supergirl And Michael B. Jordan Could Be Warner Bros.' Plan B

To be completely honest here, I've been waiting on writing this article hoping the dust would settle on this whole situation. Unfortunately, almost a week later we still don't have the slightest clue whats going on between Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. Last week the shocking news broke that Cavill was officially out as the DCEU iteration of the character, after talks broke down over a cameo in the upcoming Shazam! movie. Rumors then ran rampant about what would be the studios next plan of action, and fans and celebrities alike chimed in on their frustration over the studio's treatment of the actor. Cavill himself even added to the fire with a cryptic social media post that fans have been trying to decipher for days now. 

The news was originally broken by The Hollywood Reporter, and was later confirmed by Variety and The Wrap that Cavill was in fact no longer going to play the role. While originally it was believed Cavill was the one stepping down over frustration of the treatment of his character in the movie universe (Including his lack of a standalone sequel), other outlets now claim it was actually the studio who wanted Cavill out. If this does end up being the case, its likely we'll never see the Man of Steel sequel that has been rumored for years.
This was apparently so that the studio could go in a new direction with the character, specifically a recast. While actors such as Matt Bomer who resembles Cavill initially come to mind, it makes more sense that WB's reason for moving on from someone so perfect for the traditional version of the character is in order to try something completely new. This is reportedly why the idea of Michael B. Jordan playing the last son of Krypton has been thrown around at the studio, although this remains to be concerned. Following the success of Black Panther at Marvel, and recent initiatives at Warner Bros. to make their films more diverse, its certainly a feasible idea. 
Rumors have also suggested the studio plans on shifting the focus to Supergirl, a character who is also Kryptonian and the cousin of Superman in the comics. The idea is supposedly being thrown around as an alternative to Kal-El himself, with a standalone movie possibly featuring Brainiac being one of the rumors currently making the rounds. The final possibility is of course that Cavill may be returning to the role after all, but with no planned movies for his character set in stone right now everything is up on the air. Cavill's agent seemingly denied he has abandoned the role for good, and this is a sentiment Cavill's own video on Instagram may be expressing. Only time will tell what will really happen with the future of the character. 
So how would you feel if this really is the end of Cavill's Superman? What direction would you like to see WB go in next with the character? Let us know below!