Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jacob Batalon Provide New Plot Details From 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

Well Saturday has come and gone, and we never got the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer we were all expecting. It makes sense Marvel didn't want to steal their own thunder with the Avengers: Endgame trailer still dominating the internet, but lucky fans at CCXP18 in Brazil were still able to see the footage we'll apparently be getting later this month. Stars Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Jake Gyllenhaal all took to the stage and offered some very revealing details about the film's plot and villains. Contrary to what we've believed all this time, Mysterio will apparently be teaming up with Spider-Man in the movie to face an even greater threat. Not only that, but he has actually been hand picked by Nick Fury to do the task.

This will of course be confusing to comic book fans who are used to Quentin Beck aka Mysterio being one of Spider-Man's greatest foes. Gyllenhaal teased that the character and his relationship to Spider-Man are like nothing we've ever seen before, and this relationship is apparently at the heart of the film. The villains of the movie will instead be creatures known as Elementals, and Mysterio is the only person who has an understanding of how to stop them. This explains why Fury needs him to help Spider-Man take them down, but fans are already suspicious Beck may be one who created them. We all know Mysterio is a master of illusions, so pulling a trick like this seems like something his comic book counterpart would do.
With that twist in mind, the rest of the trailer goes pretty much as we'd expect. Peter Parker is seen in Venice with his classmates such as Michelle, Ned, and Flash on a field trip. We all get a scene of Nick Fury meeting Peter for the first time and providing him with the stealth suit we've seen in set photos. Tom Holland has teased this suit is intended for a specific mission but he won't reveal what. We also get a shot of Gyllenhaal in the full Mysterio suit from the set photos but also with the classic "fish bowl" head. The film will also apparently tease a romance between Happy Hogan and Aunt May, which is shown in a scene at the start of the trailer.
Obviously this is a lot to take in, and its hard to tell if Mysterio is actually an ally or if he will eventually be revealed to be the movie's villain. Its possible they could even have him as a hero in this movie and be saving his turn to evil for a future sequel. Not much is known about these "Elementals" but they are apparently creatures based of water, earth, and fire. The water based character could end up being a variation of Hydro-Man, or just an entirely new made up character. Fans at the event also made it clear that both the actors and the trailer itself do not mention the events of Endgame or Infinity War to avoid spoilers, so its unknown whats the status of Tony Stark at this point, or when the movie even takes place.
So what do you think of the trailer description? Are you okay with the idea of Mysterio being a hero rather than a villain? Let us know below!

Trailer Reveals The Title And New Release Date For 'Avengers: Endgame' With Our Heroes In Despair

After weeks of speculation, the moment fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Not only did the Russo brothers drop the trailer for much anticipated sequel to Infinity War, but they also revealed the title of the movie is Avengers: Endgame and its new release date of April 26th. A title that had coincidentally been suggested by many fans as its of course one of the famous lines Doctor Strange says when he's describing what he saw in his vision of the future. The trailer doesn't give us too much of the plot, but does give us an idea of what the effects of Thanos' snap have had on our heroes. We also get to see some familiar faces who weren't around for the first movie, which is sure to excite audiences.

Below is the first official trailer for Avengers: Endgame:
With all the mystery surrounding this movie and just exactly what its about, it isn't surprising that the Russos leave out pretty much any hint of the plot or key scenes. Unlike the Infinity War trailer which gave us some shots of the final battle in the first bits of footage we saw (Even though it was edited to an extent), this trailer chooses to just set the tone of the movie. We get a scene of Tony seemingly alone in the Guardians' ship the Milano following the loss to Thanos on the planet Titan. As you may remember, all the other Avengers disappeared except Tony and Nebula (Who doesn't seem to be with him here). Tony is apparently accepting his own death in this scene, but its assumed someone, specifically Captain Marvel, may be the one to save him from the fate.
Then of course there's the remaining core Avengers on Earth who are grieving the loss of their friends. We get confirmation that even Black Panther's sister Shuri was one of the causalities of the snap, and also a tease that the team is assuming Scott Lang was also a causality. But as you will remember from the end of Antman and The Wasp, Lang survived the snap due to being inside the Quantum Realm and is seen showing up at the front door of the Avengers facility. Its been heavily teased that Lang and his understanding of the Quantum Realm will be the key to the Avengers preventing the snap from happening by going back in time, but there's still no hint of that in this trailer.
We also get a shot of Hawkeye now suited up as his other comic book identity Ronin. As Ronin, Hawkeye is more of a mercenary who used swords rather then a bow and arrow to confront his enemies. Its likely that his family who he was with during the events of Infinity War were all lost to the snap, and that is what has led to his return to crime fighting under much darker means. It seems Black Widow will be the one who finds him and convinces him the rejoin the team after time in isolation. Its still hard to tell how much time has passed since the events of Infinity War, but guesses have ranged from a couple of months to up to five years.
So what did you think of the trailer for Avengers: Endgame? Are you happy with the title? How much time do you think has passed since Infinity War? Let us know below!