Emma Watson, Andre Holland, and Alec Baldwin Amongst Rumored Shortlist For Marvel's 'Black Widow' Movie

Captain Marvel hit theaters this weekend, and has stolen all the spotlight as Marvel's first female led superhero movie. But fans of course know that another female hero has made her presence felt in the MCU these last ten years, and thats none other than Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. The character has played a key role since the first Avengers movie and has also gone on to play a big supporting role in both Captain America sequels, but now she'll finally be getting her own movie. While we haven't heard too many details about it other than who will be directing, some rumors have now surfaced online about the actors and characters that may be featured.

According to The Hashtag Show, Emma Watson (Harry Potter series) is on a shortlist of actresses wanted for the other female lead in the movie. The character is surprised as a "kickass female Bond" type, with some fans speculating it could be Yelena Belova who is trained by the same people as Natasha Romanoff and because the next Black Widow in the comics. The character has been used in the Agent Carter TV show, but Marvel has had a knack for ignoring some of its smaller screen storylines in the past. The other actresses also rumored to be up for the part are Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures), Dar Zuzovsky (Hostages), and Florence Pugh (Fighting With My Family).
(In order from left to right) Watson, Zuzovsky, Englert, and Pugh
Meanwhile the site also reports that Moonlight and Castle Rock star Andre Holland has auditioned for the role of the movie's villain. The studio apparently originally wanted an older actor in their 40s, but now has broadened there search and were impressed with Holland's audition. There's also apparently two roles for an older male and female actor who are American characters that may be working with the film's villain. Alec Baldwin (Mission Impossible: Fallout), Rachel Weisz (The Favourite), and Sebastian Koch (Bridge of Spies) are said to be up for these roles. 
Holland, Koch, Baldwin, and Weisz
The Black Widow film is currently expected to be one of Marvel Studios' 2020 releases, but Kevin Feige has already noted that no official announcements will be made until post Avengers: Endgame. It was also recently debunked by Feige that the movie would be the studio's first R-rated film, a rumor that had been circulating given the source material of Romanoff's character. We know the movie will be an origin story that takes place before Romanoff's involvement with The Avengers, and will explain her training in the Red Room facility that was teased in Age of Ultron.
So how do you feel about these Black Widow casting rumors? Which of these actors would you like to see land the roles? Let us know below!