Ezra Miller Working On A Script For 'The Flash' Movie That Will Determine Whether He Keeps The Role

Yeah you read that headline right. According to a recent report, Ezra Miller has butt heads with the current directors of The Flash movie John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (directors of Game Night and writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming). The duo apparently wants a lighter tone for the solo movie, more in line with the current projects going on the the DCEU such as Shazam! and Aquaman. But Miller wants a darker take, and is working on a script with comic book writer Grant Morrison to submit to Warner Bros. If this script isn't approved, its believed Miller may step away from the role entirely and be recast by Daley and Goldstein. 

The report came courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, who explain that Miller's holding deal with Warner Bros. is up this May. If the darker script written by Miller and Morrison is not approved by the studio, they will most likely chose not to renew his contract. Given that Miller signed on to play the character way back when Zack Snyder was the head of the cinematic universe, the initial pitch he received for his character was probably much different from the current one. Funnily enough, The Flash was actually one of the main light hearted characters in Justice League, and not someone you'd expect to have a darker solo movie.
Warner Bros. has already shown they aren't afraid to drastically change things from Snyder's original vision for the sake of making better received projects. Following the success of Wonder Woman, the studio made a point to make Aquaman a very separate movie from the shared universe. Meanwhile they've been recasting roles left and right, including their search for a young Batman to replace Ben Affleck, the casting if Idris Elba to replace Will Smith as Deadshot, and even the possible replacement of Henry Cavill as Superman. With the studio's focus on solo projects and lack of regard over the events that took place in their previous movies, now seems as good a time as ever for a fresh take on The Flash.
This recent news has probably the most traction the Flash movie has gotten since it was first announced with Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) as its original director, but left over creative difference. At another point Chris Lord and Phil Miller hadn't written a script for it that would be directed by Seth Grahame-Smith, but they also left the project. With accomplished directors on board and an apparent Fall start of production, the two questions we'll get answered in the next few months is who will play the title role and whose script will be used.
So what kind of tone do you feel best suits a Flash movie? If Miller is recast who would you like to see replace him in the role? Let us know below!