First Trailer For Seth Rogen's 'Good Boys' Gives Us An R-Rated Movie Starring A Trio Of Middle Schoolers

Lets face it. As great as it is to see relatively family friendly shows like Stranger Things portray kids as innocent, in the age of the internet a lot has changed. I vividly remember starting middle school and hearing just as much cursing and sex jokes as you'd see in your average rated R movie. So it was only a matter of time before filmmakers took notice, and who better to bring this to the big screen then Seth Rogen himself. Movies such as IT and Jonah Hill's Mid90s pushed the boundaries of having kids curse on screen, but both of those were set in past decades. Now we get a trio of kids who are exposed to just about everything bad you can imagine, all at the expense of some pretty hilarious moments. 

Below is the first trailer for Good Boys:
The trailer does pull any punches, showing us the movie will have its fair share of drugs, sex toys, and even a hilarious scene where the trio discovers porn for the first time. The movie star Jacob Tremblay who you may remember as the young boy who starred in The Room opposite Brie Larson, and caught the eye of critics when awards season came around. The mini Craig Robinson who see in the trailer is none other than Keith Williams, who starred on the TV series The Last Man of Earth. And lastly the foul-mouthed freckled kid I predicted will be the breakout star of the movie is Brady Noon, known for his work Boardwalk Empire.
So as you can tell this isn't a Disney Channel movie, but rather something more in line with Rogen's work on Superbad. The intro alone makes light of just how young the film's stars are, by explaining they can't even watch their own red band trailer. The chemistry between the kid is what really sells the trailer, and you can already make out their individual personalities. You have the innocent mama's boy freaking out about everything crazy the see, the average kid just reacting to everything, and the dirty mouthed kid acting like he's more mature then he really is. Sure sounds like middle school to me.
While Rogen isn't actually starring in the movie, his involvement in the project alone should be enough to get comedy fans excited. The man's had great success in the last few years with film's like Sausage Party and Neighbors, and seems to be changing it up with each new movie. Rogen and his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg are only producing the project though, and Gene Stupnitsky who worked on The Office will be in the director's chair. He'll be working off a script written by Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, the duo worked on the films Year One and Bad Teacher. While those last two project may not excite you as much as Rogen's, the film showed well at the South by Southwest festival hence the early marketing push for a move being released in August.
So what did you think of the trailer for Good Boys? Do you think Seth Rogen has another comedy hit on his hands? Let us know below!