New Trailer For 'Avengers: Endgame' Shows Us The Team Is Finally Reunited To Do "Whatever It Takes"

Never underestimate the unpredictability of the Russo brothers. On a regular Thursday morning, with no lead up or teases like we usually get for this kind of stuff, the directing duo decided to release the last trailer for next month's Avengers: Endgame. As you'd expect, the trailer only reinvigorates the hype fans have waiting to see the conclusion of the events that took place in Infinity War. While we've already known for some time not to expect much from the footage we'd be getting from this movie's marketing, as supposedly it'll only be from the first fifteen minutes. If this is true, then a lot of this trailer's big moments and reveals happen at the beginning of the movie, so we can only imagine what takes place during the rest of it. 

Below is the official trailer for Avengers: Endgame:
The trailer starts with some nostalgic call backs to the original solo movies for Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, reminding us how far each of these characters have come and everything they've been through. We again see Tony Stark stranded in The Benatar ship with Nebula seemingly accepting his fate, but we of course later see in the trailer that the two do in fact make it back to Earth teamed up with the original Avengers. Although its surprising to see that reveal in a trailer, it must not be one of the bigger moments in the movie if the Russos were willing to give it away here. We still don't know how they make it out exactly, so theres still that mystery to look forward to.
There's no actual footage of Thanos in the entire trailer, and not even a mention of his name which also caught many fans off guard. The impression this trailer gives is that this movie is more about the Avengers actual plan, rather than there last confrontation with Thanos, although I'm sure we'll eventually be getting that. There are some shots of a grizzled looking Captain America as well as Rocket Raccoon on War Machine's shoulder, and Nebula in a battle stance that all look like they could be from that exact moment, and the background even resembles a darker version of Thanos' home planet Titan.
We also get some shots that confirm the time jump we've been hearing about, as is made evident by the change in Natasha's hair color and length. Some have speculated this jump ranges from either months to years, and this is when Scott Lang eventually makes his way out of the Quantum Realm and is caught up to speed on what happened. This is also the time span where Hawkeye apparently goes through his arc into becoming Ronin following the loss of his family (And manages to give himself a bad haircut I guess). We get a tease of a possible reconcile of his relationship with Natasha, as well as a flashback of him training his daughter to possibly follow his footsteps as the next archer.
So what did you think of the last trailer for Avengers: Endgame? Do you have any theories as to what the team's plan will be to stop Thanos? Let us know below!