First Trailer For 'IT: Chapter Two' Unites The Adult Loser Club For One Final Stand Against Pennywise

The 2017 adaption of Stephen King's book IT caught audiences by surprise, and became a blockbuster film in the horror genre. Riding off the success of Stranger Things, the movie played off the young group of kids as they tried to survive against Pennywise the Clown. But any fans of the book knew what was coming next, and director Andy Muschietti's decision to have the movie only focus on the kid versions of the Losers Club left the door open for a very interesting sequel. Just like in the book, IT: Chapter Two will see the group reunited as adult and returning to their small town of Derry to once again face the evil clown now that he has made his return.

Below is the first trailer for IT: Chapter Two:
The scene in the trailer focuses on the adult Beverly Marsh (Played by Jessica Chastain) returning to her childhood home which is now seemingly owned by an older lady. Of course this lady isn't what she initially appears, and sure enough she may very well be Pennywise in disguise or another creature he's controlling. We all see an photo reminiscent of The Shining of a human Pennywise (Played by Bill Skarsgard), who this older woman claims to be a decedent of. This scene was the very same one shown to audiences at Cinema Con a few months ago, and certainly sets a scarier and creepier tone than the first movie. One of the main complaints with that film is that it leaned more toward a coming of age movie than horror at times, with only a few really bringing the scares.
We then get several shots of the adults reuniting, minus Andy Bean's adult version of Stanley who we know meets a fatal end early in the story of the book. We see horror go-to-man James McAvoy as the adult Bill who seems to still harbor feelings for Beverly, as well as Isaiah Mustafa as Mike, James Ransone as Eddie, Jay Ryan as Ben, and Bill Hader as Richie. We also see callbacks to the first film such as when Beverly finds the love letter Ben anonymously wrote to her when they were kids, so its possible those story threads may also be explored further in the film.
To the delight of movie goers, it seems that the movie will also be bringing by the young cast (Jaeden Martell, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Wyatt Oleff) we all fell in love with from the first movie. There's several shots of the young Losers Club in the trailer, so its likely that Muschietti and co. have added in some new story elements and flashbacks from that time period after seeing how good of a reception they got in the first movie. Its hard to tell just how much we'll be seeing of them yet, but we do know the adult version of group will still be the central focus of this film's story. 
So what did you think of the trailer for IT: Chapter Two? Are you happy we'll get to see more of the young cast? Let us know below!