'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Trailer Gives Fans A Spoiler Filled Look At A Post 'Endgame' MCU

With Avengers: Endgame now having been out for two weeks and the amount of box office records it has broken, you'd think pretty much everyone that wants to see the movie has. The Russo Brothers have still been big on not letting any spoilers leak online from fans who have already seen the movie, but revealed that ban would be lifted this Monday. Well now we know why. Marvel has released an all new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which will be the first post Endgame film in the MCU. Those who have seen the movie know just how much it has changed the landscape of things, and has left us all wondering what the future holds for this series of movies. Well this trailer definitely answers some of those questions.

Below is the new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home:
So unlike the last trailer for Far From Home which held back on anything post Endgame, this trailers makes it pretty clear Peter has been affected by the lose of Tony Stark. With Iron Man no longer around there seems to be a big void left for a new hero to step up, and we also know Steve Rogers is no longer active in this universe but that isn't brought up in the trailer. We see many memorials for Iron Man throughout the movie that were obviously made by people grateful for his sacrifice to defeat Thanos and bring everyone back from The Snap. We also get many parallels between Peter and Tony is this trailer, including his banter and mentorship from Nick Fury and Happy Hogan, and even some shots of him using what appears to be tech he left behind for Peter.
Speaking of mentors, we see that Mysterio is someone Spider-Man may see as a new fellow hero he can look up to and team up with in the same way he did with Iron Man. We also know the two are well aware of each others secret identities, and even share a deep conversation in a bar about regular life problems. But probably the biggest reveal from the trailer is that Mysterio is actually from another dimension, which officially opens up the idea that the multi-verse exists in the MCU. This apparently happened as a repercussion of The Avengers traveled to alternate universes and timelines in Endgame, and caused a hole in Mysterio's universe that led to the arrival of Beck and The Elementals.
This is a very big reveal for MCU fans, as this opens up the possibilities to several different universes and versions of characters existing and being able to crossover into the main timeline. This could be a set up for future events such as the arrival of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, or even realities with different Spider-Mans which we recently saw in Sony's Spider-Verse animated movie. Now fans are still quick to not trust Mysterio's character who is a villain in the comics, and there is the possibility he's lying that he's from another universe to gain the trust of Peter, Maria Hill, and Fury. There's also the idea there may be two versions of Mysterio, one who is bad in our timeline and the good one who we see brought in by Fury. Whether Mysterio is lying or not there definitely may be more to this than meets the eye, but it seems the multiverse is a real thing either way.
So what did you think of the new trailer from Far From Home? Are you excited to finally see the multiverse in the MCU? Let us know below!