Tom Holland And Kevin Feige Comment On Spider-Man's Future And Seemingly Confirm His MCU Exit

With everything that's been playing out through the media regarding them, you'd think Tom Holland and Kevin Feige would like to be as far away from reporters right now as possible. Unfortunately for them, the two both had to make appearances at this weekend's D23 conference to talk about their upcoming projects. While Holland was their to only promote his upcoming Pixar movie with Chris Pratt called Onward, and Feige took the stage to announce Black Panther 2, questions about the future of Spider-Man were inevitable. The two sat down with Entertainment Weekly to basically confirm that Spidey's future will see him outside of the MCU, and the two gave their first official comments on the matter. 

In the presentation for Onward that I mentioned above, the crowd attending the event apparently gave a loud applause for Holland once he took the stage. While at that moment he didn't specifically talk about the drama unfolding he reportedly appeared emotional onstage when he stated the following: “It’s been a crazy week but I want you all to know from the bottom of my heart I love you 3000”. The clear node to Iron Man's quote from Endgame could be interpreted as a final thank you or goodbye to the MCU, as well as the support he's been getting online from fans. The actor has not only had a tough week due to the Spider-Man news, but also because of his upcoming Uncharted film losing its director just a few days ago. 
While there was no further mention of Spider-Man on stage, Holland did a sit down interview later in the day to more specifically talk about Spidey's future. The actor made sure to confirm that no matter what happens he'll still be playing the character, amongst some rumors he may not have been signed on and was frustrated over having to leave the MCU. In the video below you can see Holland's comments on the matter, which will vague and optimistic also seemingly confirm the character's exit. Feige also sat down to shed some light on the whole situation, stating that Marvel always knew their access to the Spider-Man character was temporary and they feel they were able to tell the story they wanted.  
So from this we can pretty much get that Feige and Marvel are moving on from the character, or at least making it appear so. While it isn't hard to believe that the studio always had the possibility of losing Spider-Man in their head, it is a little far fetched to think this is all the story they wanted to tell. After all, Spider-Man: Far From Home still had many MCU character playing a role in Peter's life despite the absense of Iron Man, and seemed to be setting him up as one of the new faces of the universe going forward. With the cliffhanger of the world now knowing Peter's identity, and seemed like something that would change the state of the MCU for the future. There's also the eventual next interpretation of The Avengers, which almost certainly would've featured Holland's Spider-Man in a key role.
Although this is all disappointing for fans, it is good to know that Holland will at least be returning as the character and we won't have to sit through yet another reboot. Now how different Peter and his world will be without the MCU and in the hands of Sony has yet to be seen, and how they will explain all the missing elements that were so important in the last movie (I guess Aunt May's single again). We also now have confirmation writers Chris McKenna and Eric Sommers who wrote Far From Home will be returning to write the third film for Sony. Jon Watts on the other hand still isn't under contract for the sequel, and Sony and Marvel have reportedly gotten into a bidding wore to get the director to work on their future projects.
So what do you think of Feige and Holland's comments? Do you think Spider-Man 3 can still work without the MCU? Let us know below!