Matt Reeves' Reveals First Test Footage Of Robert Pattinson In Costume For 'The Batman'

Honestly this definitely wasn't how I was expecting to first see Battinson in action. I was just expecting a blurry set photo to be all we would have for a few months before we finally got a trailer for this movie. But Matt Reeves' seems to have taken a note from Zack Snyder's book and knows you better off just revealing an official look at your character's costumes before a fan finds it anyway. The director has revealed the first footage of his lead actor Robert Pattinson in full costume as the Caped Crusader, accompanied by our first bit of Michael Giacchino's score for the movie.

Below is the test footage of Robert Pattinson in The Batman:
Lets get the obvious thing out of the way first, this red lit footage looks almost exactly like the intro to Netflix's Daredevil series from a few years ago. While the red lighting could have a deeper meaning, for now it just seems to evoke the tone and noir feel Reeves wants for his version of Batman. It also helps make it hard to make out the actual color the suit will be, and still keep a sense of mystery to what the full suit will look like.

As for what we can see of the suit, the chest plate seems armored similar to how it was in the video games Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight. Ben Affleck's Batman wore an armored suit for most of Justice League, but Pattinson's seems much less bulky. As for his cowl it seems strikingly different from what we're used to, with a more leathery and less perfect look with stitches holding it together. We know this will be a younger and less experienced Bruce Wayne, but he seems to have already gone though a lot judging by his suit's damage. 

The other standout is the new Batman logo, which is much slimmer than any we've seen before and almost the complete opposite of Affleck's widened version. The logo featured on his suit is apparently made from the gun that killed his parents, which helps show us how much this version of the character was affected by the tragedy and uses it to motivate himself. There's also the preview of Giacchino's score, most likely the main theme of the movie and also sticks to that mysterious and noir tone Reeves wants. 

So what do you think of Pattinson's Batsuit? Where do you rank it amongst the past costumes? Let us know below!