Warner Bros. Finally Announces They Will Release The Snyder Cut Of 'Justice League' On HBO Max

During these strange times of the COVID-19 pandemic, optimistic movie news has been rare with the majority of articles simply announcing everything thats been delayed. With movie theaters closed and most TV and movie sets shutdown, many things have been left up in the air about when we'll be able to go to the movies again, and what the future of that experience will look like. Having said all that, it seems like the release of many streaming services such as Peacock and HBO Max couldn't have come at a better time, as they've all seen a huge surge in viewers with so many people stuck at home. As if they even needed any more to draw viewers in, now HBO Max has promised fans a movie they've been waiting three years for, and never thought they would get.

The well documented history of Zack Snyder's Justice League is familiar to most comic book fans who remember the director leaving the project following a family tragedy and being replaced by Avengers director Joss Whedon. Several reshoots were conducted including the infamous Henry Cavill mustache scenes that were terribly CGI-ed out, and other plot points and scenes from Snyder's original story were cut completely to keep a lighter tone. The end product was enjoyed by some, but other die hard fans felt it was just a messy edit of what Snyder originally intended.

"Release The Snyder Cut" has since become a movement on social media, with fans trying to convince the studio to release a version of the movie with all of his original scenes. The director himself had teased that this version of the movie existed, but of course would have to be finished and supported by the studio. Even Justice League actors such as Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa had voiced their support for its release. Well last week, during a live re-watch of Man of Steel along with Henry Cavill, Snyder confirmed the project will be coming to HBO Max next year. The studio will be providing a budget for Snyder to finish the CGI for the scenes cut and his original score by Junkie XL instead of Danny Elfman will be added in, but there will reportedly be no need for any reshoots.

There's many story elements fans expect to see in this version including seeing Darkseid on screen, Martian Manhunter, and more of an evil black suited Superman just to name a few. With the DCEU sort of in limbo as DC has turned its focus to solo project like Shazam!, Joker, Wonder Woman 1984, and Robert Pattinson's The Batman, its likely this movie will be a one off and won't revive the cinematic universe Snyder had planned back in the day. None the less it still gives fans a chance to see not only Snyder's original movie, but also more scenes of Ben Affleck's Batman who we probably won't get to see again in future films.

So how do you feel about the Snyder cut getting released? Do you think it will be better than the original Justice League? Let us know below!