First Official Trailer For 'The Batman' Premieres At DC Fandome And Shows Off His Second Year Under The Cowl

Something just didn't feel right for comic book movie fans this summer. Between our usual summer releases and Comic-Con announcement, the time span between May and August has almost become comic book Christmas. Thankfully DC has still managed to bring us some excitement amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, with their own version of a virtual Comic-Con known as DC Fandome. The event brought us several video game announcements, as well as sneak peaks of upcoming movies like the Snyder Cut of Justice League, The Suicide Squad, Black Adam, Shazam 2, Wonder Woman 1984, and of course the grand finale of the first trailer for Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Below is the first trailer for The Batman:
From the start of the trailer the masked man we're seeing taping up his victim is actually Paul Dano's Riddler, which is of course very different from his over top hat and cane look from the comics. Reeves' here seems to be taking a page out of Nolan's book, moving away from the comic look for a more modern and realistic look for the character. This also is a huge divergence from the looks Zack Snyder was going for with his world and Ben Affleck's Batman, which by all accounts was visually much closer to the aesthetic of the comics. We also get a good look at his smaller Batmobile and Batcave, which all just add to the darker more realistic feel especially for a much younger inexperienced Batman.

You may not have realized The Penguin is also in this trailer, and Colin Farrell looks unrecognizable as the character under all the makeup and facial prosthetics. Its hard to tell how important he'll be to the story as he's probably just still Oswald Cobblepott here, but we do see him in a chase scene with Batman. Matt Reeves' has revealed the movie will focus on the corruption of the Gotham PD which may tie into Cobblepott as well as Jeffrey Wright's Commissioner Gordon who already clearly has a relationship with Batman here. The Riddler seems to have a vendetta against them but has also clearly singled out Batman and wants his attention as scene with the uni-bomber scene at the funeral, and the riddle he left for him on the card.

Zoe Kravitz' Catwoman is also seen is a very early version of her suit, so its likely she's just getting started around the same time as Batman. The two share fight scene in the trailer but its hard to tell how important she'll be, and if she'll be on Batman or Riddler side. The movie seems to be following a Long Halloween style of storyline with The Riddler creating this elaborate plot for Batman and him having to use his detective skills to get the bottom of things. Reeves also confirmed several things including the fact the show will take place in year two of Batman's career, it will tie into the Gotham PD series he's developing for HBO Max, and it will have no connection to any of the previous DC movies. 

So what did you think of The Batman trailer? Are you excited to see Reeves and Pattinson's take on the character? Let us know below!