Zack Snyder Releases The Trailer For His Version Of 'Justice League' Set To Be Released In Four Parts

I can't believe its 2020 and we're still talking about the first Justice League movie, but here we are. After Zack Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon on the original JL movie it was clear the movie's final product was not what the original director had intended. From Henry Cavill's strangely deleted mustache, to a whole new color palette to some scenes, Snyder fans were left wondering what the original version would've looked like. Now they've finally got their wish after months of lobbying for its release on social media and even getting involvement from the film's cast themselves, the film will be released in four one hour parts on HBO Max next year.

Below is the trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League:
The trailer shows off many of the deleted scenes and aspects of the movie that never made into Whedon's version, specifically the actual appearance of Darkseid. While he's mentioned as a looming threat in the original movie, here we actually see a flashback scene to Darkseid before he gets his omega power. This scene was actually in the theatrical cut but featured Steppenwolf instead of Darkseid fighting off armies of Atlanteans, Amazonians, and Green Lanterns for the mother boxes in the past. Its rumored this actual fight scene will be much longer in Snyder's version. There's also Steppenwolf's very different look which is similar to the design Snyder used in the deleted scene from Batman v. Superman which featured the character.

Then there's of course all the things we had heard about over time such as the black suited Superman, many more Cyborg scenes and his actual backstory, and the Flash scene featuring Iris West. Snyder confirmed we'll be getting to see Flash actually time travel in this version, and it will likely connect to the Darkseid ravaged future we see in the trailer and saw in Batman v. Superman. This may also finally connect to the scene where Flash come back to warn Bruce in BVS, a scene which still has yet to be given an explanation in the MCU but was likely a part of Snyder's plans.

As far as what was added by Whedon and won't be in this version of the movie, we know several of the comedy scenes including those between Bruce Wayne and Barry and some of Ben Affleck's lines during the fight against Superman won't be in the movie. We also know Cyborg and Barry won't have their moment bonding when they dig up Superman's grave, as it appears Cyborg is now doing that alone in a much more dramatic scene. Meanwhile Flash may be busy during this time time traveling to the Darkseid post apocalyptic future and to warn Bruce of Superman becoming evil. Evil Superman was a brief moment that was taken care of quickly in the Whedon version, but here it'll likely be a much larger storyline with Darkseid using the anti-matter equation on him which is what leads to the scene we saw in Batman v. Superman during Bruce's visions.

So what do you think of the trailer for the Snyder cut? Do you think you'll prefer this version over Whedon's? Let us know below!